Following @bart_smith There's no more 2018 a story thana furry getting an internship at NASA and then immediately losing it after telling Homer Hickam to suck their dick and balls Naomi H @NaomiH_official -22h EVERYONE SHUT THE FUCK UP I GOT ACCEPTED FOR A NASA INTERNSHIP 158 t129 3 447 Homer Hickam @HomerHickam 3h Language 3 Naomi H @NaomiH_official 2h Suck my dick and balls I'm working at NASA С 65 Homer Hickam @HomerHickam 2h And I am on the National Space Council that oversees NASA 28 257 PM - 21 Aug 2018 fireandlifeincarnate adulthoodisokay great-tweets twitter is incredible oh man she didn’t lose her internship because “her friends” used a hashtag she lost it because a bunch of 4chan fuckers found out she’s trans and decided to doxx her and harass her employer about the ~image~ she was sending like this wasn’t her public face account she wasn’t spouting racist garbage she mistook someone in her mentions for one of the randos she gets regularly harassed by because yknow if someone tweets “language” at you on twitter 999% of the time they’re not actually concerned for you and transphobes used the opportunity to fuck up her life it’s great that hickam is behind her on this but a lot of people are sharing this and laughing at how hilarious it is that “a furry got fired for swearing” which is the smokescreen being used to cover how this was doxxing a trans woman to ruin her potential career Meme





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