File Piriperojpg 116 KB 531x439 Anonymous 092019Fri22 1506 No810022388 be me >Mexican coffin maker tragically only job in town since well dried up and railroad was built >do what I can to make a living for my family >be carving away hard at work white devil approaches >smells like shit clearly has not bathed or taken care of himself in weeks wearing a blanket as a cape whispers in his gringo talk can barely understand him >smile and keep working gringo walks past saloon owner saloon owner killed his wife definitely does some weird shit with goats ask saloon owner what the stinky gringo said to me saloon ownergoat fucker leans over >fuck he smells worse than the gringo >says the gringo's mad at my brother in law gringo rambling about his mule being spooked >tells brother in law to apologize to mule >turn to goat fucker ask him what did he say about mules >before goat fucker replies smelly cape wearing gringo pulls a gun ofuckjpg spaghetti starts pouring out of my poncho gringo blows away my brother in law his assistant Eduardo my nephew Enrique and Roberto >Roberto wasn't even involved just sitting enjoying his break from work >holyshitiwitnessedamasaccrepng >gringo Sheriff runs out o fuck Shit Stained Gringo's gonna shoot him too spaghetti dumping out of poncho at this point gringo turns to face me his stench hitting me in the face >smile and nod so he leaves me the fuck alone didhefire5shotsor6wmv >autistic shit soaked gringo with blanket murmurs something about cuatro coffins mfw Fistful of Pesos Meme

Being alone










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