File cuck png 103 KB 362x267 worst sunday fun day ever ID NpkYZ2S4 011516Fri081556 No61051840 >Be Jeb Bush swake up in the moning >feel depressed and empty sit up and open nightstand drawer >pull out loaded 22 handgun and stick the barrel in my mouth >suddenly remember today is Sunday Funday >smile rushes to my face >put gun back in drawer not today run downstairs >Columba is standing in kitchen S Buenos dias Jeb Today will be an extra special Sunday Funday because I invited one of your friends to join us! >she points to the kitchen table >Donald Trump is sitting at the table pouring cereal into my favorite guacabowle > Good morning Jeb I like your pajamas says Trump realize I'm still wearing my one-piece f >h-h-hi Donald embarrassed > Hey Jeb could you please bring me the milk? asks Trump stake milk out of refrigerator and walk towards table strip on my toy turtle thatI left on the floor last night >fall down and spill milk all over the floor lying in a puddle of milk >Columba screams ay dios mio Jeb! I told you to put your turtles away after you're done playing with them >she takes off one of her shoes and begins spanking me with it >curl into fetal position start crying >Columba tells me to go upstairs for 15-minute timeout >run upstairs get my gun >aim it at my head >pull trigger >wake up in hospital 3 days later >Donald Trump sitting at foot of my bed >ask him what happened >he tells me the bullet didn't kill me > how could I survive a headshot point blank? I asked >Donald Trump smiles and says s the bullet you used was low e ootie pajamas with turtle patterns mfw <p><a href=httptalesof4chantumblrcompost154281796951please-clap class=tumblr_blog>talesof4chan<a><p> <blockquote><p>Please clap…<p><blockquote> <p>I regret having read this with my own eyes<p> Meme


Donald Trump




Jeb Bush





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