File 1439013965140 jpg 134 KB 419x421 Anonymous 1021 Wed1442 28 No 647658653 Reply 847659338 647659340 >be me >riding the train home at 2AM only a white girl and me in the cart the train stops the doors open >l look over at the girl she looks back at me we both know what's about to happen >she does a cross motion across her chest >in moments the cart is filled with mexicans they quickly surround the girl >l can see a single tear going down her cheek >l can no longer sit idly by and let the mexicans continue their rape-ritual I stand up I am growing stronger >All the mexicans are looking at me >all my courage vanishes in instant >l manage to muster H-hey eave the g-girl alone b-b-uster &qué cono acabas de decir? l turn and book it like a sombrero the train enters a tunnel while I'm running for my life lights are flickering >I've reached the end of the cart turn and place my back against the wall >l watch in horror as 15 mexicans approach me All holding packs of tortilla chips and salsa >One of the mexicans is holding up a flip phone and recording me Yo no hablo Inglés >Just as one of the mexicans swings at me the lights go out choking followed by a snapping noise commences The lights turn back on and there he is >Infront of me stands Donald Trump >At his feet A dead mexican >Mexicans are looking at him with fear in their eyes You're fired he says >The lights go out again gunshots light up the dark cart Mexicans are hitting the ground >The lights come back on and all the mexicans lay dead except the one with the flipscreen phone >Trump stares him down que pasa the mexican says Go back to fucking Mexico Trump empties his clip into the mexican's chest >The lights flicker once more and Trump is gone >On the wall in front of me it says You Can't stump the trump written in blood Meme

Being alone

Donald Trump



white girl




Book It


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