FightinCowboy RewTIN Cefoy @Fightincowboy So lately there's been a lot of fuss over gaming forcing diversity and people getting upset that a character is gay trans etc and I want to take a moment and try to explain this to folks that are having trouble understanding the issue as a straight white dude myself 313 AM 10 Feb 19 from Nashville TN Twitter for Android 48 Retweets 243 Likes FightinCowboy @Fightincowboy 11h As a straight white dude my whole life has been filled with cool white dudes in gaming and comics Iron Man He-Man Spiderman Cloud you get the idea There's literally a million different choices you could pick from and think oh I want to be like them I can ANTIN Cooy relate to them ti 3 92 FightinCowboy @Fightincowboy 11h And now we're seeing more women more people of color more people of varying sexual orientations and dudes are asking Why does my character have to be gay? I like this character but why do I have to play as a black girl? ANTIN CofoBoy 9 1 ti 3 91 FightinCowboy @Fightincowboy 11h And to be honest y'all been playing as the straight white dude for so long you're treating that as the default setting in life But that's not true The world isn't made of RNTIN CopOBoY nothing but straight white dudes There's billions of different people out there 1 ti 6 112 FightinCowboy @Fightincowboy 11h And you'll say well why does my character have to be gay it doesn't matter to the gameplay and you're right it doesn't so why the fuck do you care? Playing as a gay character doesn't mean cocks start para- dropping into your room to assault you ANTIN cofeo 3 ti 12 129 FightinCowboy @Fightincowboy 11h But to that 13 yr old kid that's gay and still in the closet he suddenly has a role model He has someone he can relate to the same way you looked up to Tony Stark or Mario or whoever That little black girl who was too shy of gaming has a character she sees herself in AANTIN Cojso 9 1 t 10 150 FightinCowboy @Fightincowboy 11h The point is while it might not impact the gameplay AT ALL it's not hurting you and it's potentially helping someone else And if you still disagree with that then the real problem is just that you're an asshole AeNTIN Cofeso 21 ti 13 242 Meme


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