fenixfoxtrot510 tyrantisterror driftingindeadspace tyrantisterror driftingindeadspace tyrantisterror godzilla3092 tyrantisterror godzilla201460 mark9-jaeger-kaiju-gesundheit The Man of Steel vs the King of the Monsters by DR-Studios Man of steel is fucked One is a horrifying unstoppable murder monster that smashes buildings and kills all who oppose it while laughing off the pitiful weapons humanity throws at it and never once stops to consider the value of the human lives that get caught in the wake of its titanic battles for supremacy The other is Godzilla I’d hate to say it you guys but Godzilla probably wouldn’t win that fight Probably not not At some point Godzilla would try to avoid killing innocent bystanders at which point Superman would make the kill shot in a way that forces Godzilla’s corpse to fall onto and crush as many fleeing human beings as possible Superman would then toss the carcass into a dozen or so more buildings specifically aiming for those that are still inhabited by trapped people and maybe drag the corpse through the rubble just in case a few humans clung onto life despite their grievous wounds before finally leaving the carcass on a school or hospital to rot and fester - or maybe in the water supply to ensure the maximum amount of people can be exposed to whatever diseases result Then he’d threaten the military not to cross him again before making a terrible sex joke at Amy Adams I’m sorry to say but you got both of these characters COMPLETELY backwards No Godzilla does go out of his way to avoid hurting innocent bystanders - at least in the 2014 movie which is the version shown in the picture above Godzilla tries his best to avoid going through the Golden Gate bridge avoids swimming through navy ships and even tries to walk around buildings rather than through them when fighting the wicked mutos And he does it in a few other movies too - one time that stands out to me occurs in the original Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla he actually leads the evil MechaGodzilla away from the city into the wilderness before having a brutal match So yeah I’d say I have them pretty spot on I think the reason he doesn’t go through buildings because that would be fucking stupid Also he didn’t seem to care enough when he started smashing the golden gate bridge with the bus full of children on it when the military attacked him Or how about the time he flooded all of Hawaii? He’s not consciously protecting humans because all he cares about is killing the MUTOS He most likely fights them for territory which would kind of make sense as to why he would want to be killed by Superman in the first place 1 Godzilla was knocked into the bridge by those missiles There’s a difference between stumbling into something when someone pushes you into it and purposely knocking that thing over What happened with Godzilla and the bridge was the former - he actually spent a good chunk of time avoiding the bridge and blocking it from the missiles with his body before he was finally forced through it That’s not Godzilla’s fault that’s the military’s 2 Godzilla didn’t mean to flood Hawaii - he probably wasn’t even aware of how the water was being displaced It’s destructive sure but it’s not something he could avoid It’s not the same as say a super powered murderer tackling another super powered murderer through a cornfield into a populated area like some kind of sociopath I don’t know why you’re trying to paint Godzilla in such a negative light but it kinda scares me Ya’ll lay off Godzilla! He’s trying his best! His best is all he can do and it’s difficult to do so when litteral armies of people are trying to sabotage him! Godzilla is the local Lizard that won’t hurt the ants because they need each otherSuperman is the invasive bird that seeks to eat all ants to assert dominance Meme











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