feniczoroark solaredarisen cockyroaches firelxdykatara an-ace-up-your-sleeve chrisflemingslegs mythosphere Victor Frankenstein I’ve created life but I refuse to put any effort into helping that life develop I won’t teach him love him or defend him even though I forced him into existence with a fully operational adult brain lol Peace bitch The Monster Am Eloquent Baby Boomers He’S NOt thE ViCtIM HE’s tHe MOnsTEr An ironic parallel considering the idea of “tough love” parenting that plenty of boomers like to use If they buy into the idea that their kids just have to toughen up and face the real world without guidance or emotional support I’m sure it does scare them to read a story where someone who wasn’t given any support began to resent their creator and turn on them it’s like that post that’s like ‘knowledge is knowing that frankenstein is the doctor wisdom is knowing that frankenstein is the monster’ like the whole point of the post is that frankenstein’s monster is a victim of viktor frankenstein’s own monstrosity mary shelley did not lose her virginity on her mother’s grave just for people to misunderstand her best known work over a century later Her dad is the person who started Anarchy so Also consider that “The Sun” is a newspaper that is famous for blaming disaster on the victimslying See Hillsborough disaster Meme











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