feniczoroark randomnightlord feniczoroark randomnightlord feniczoroark randomnightlord a-40k-author The Judiciar A Judiciar is not only a supernal swordsman able to cut down foes with but a single blow of his brutal-looking executioner relic blade but he has an all-new item of esoteric wargear – the tempormortis You don’t need to be an expert in High Gothic to know that this means it’s something he can use to manipulate time and ensure the death of his quarry Now this is just straight up unfair for all other players Yep Knowing gw they’ll use it to kill of all named xenos characters so they don’t have to make the buts for them and can free more space to making marines to wank off marines more We’re all just waiting for Cato Shitarius to kill the Necron bossbot and then become primarisGW is so fucking DUMB And so are those specific Space Marine famboys that are complaining that their new shit looks ridiculous BE HAPPY THAT YOU EVEN GET ANYTHING POSTER BOY The only complaint by marine fans I’ve seen that actually has merit was about the “what the fuck is going on with assault intercessors” Given usually “assault marines” have jump packs and these ones don’t which I suppose also makes them useless for conversionsAnd I would like Cato to perrish Wait THAT JUDICATOR IS A FUCKING ULTRAMARINE TOO Of course it is FUCK YOU GW Meme











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