FEATURED I love getting to be stupid while it's semi socially acceptable JAXON HOHMAN & RRICK BRIEN Jaxon Hohman IF you take a trip up to the band section during football season you'll be sure to notice these two No one M else can outdo them in the category of maroon and gold Not only are CHIEF they recognized for their high fashion but also for their talent Jaxon plays the trumpet while Derrick is also experienced in trumpet along with euphonium Jaxon and Derrick began band in 6th FS grade The jump from middle school band to high school band is challenging and Jaxon says it's not for everyone He notes that you need to be determined and be ready to take on a lot more work Both boys expressed that their passion for dressing up at games stems from the love of getting to be stupid while it's semi-socially acceptable Jaxon says It's also just a really good way to get the freshmen involved and push them into the deep end Derrick likes it because the band is a very friendly group that lets you be who you are One aspect everyone can see about the band is how they're one big family Jaxon says Theres a lot of kinship most everyone is your friend It's like a second family to me 20 I got a page in the yearbook but my name is spelled wrong I am that handsome lad on the left or am I?? Sorry if you already saw this I had to repost because I didn’t add flair Meme











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