fatima @fatimafiroz1 Follow Maybe if the US didn't bomb the country for the last 15 years there'd be more athletes Laura laura @jaureguihug how countries like afghanistan were walking in front of us with like 5 athletes and we came out with 400 lily-peet urulokid nevaehtyler blackfemalescientist sniffyjenkins mideast-nrthafrica-cntrlasia explainguncontrolandsafespaces It’s like millennials do not understand that middle east has been at war for 1000′s of years That we intervened on behalf of Kuwait That without “bombing” people that want to kill and oppress others millions will be murdered and tortured “at war for 1000′s of years” you clearly know nothing about Afghanistan nor the middle east here’s Afghanistan in the 1950′s 60′s 70′s if you really want to know what caused all the instability growth of extremist groups I suggest you take a look at the US foreign policy towards Afghanistan during the 80′s It’s interesting to note that when the communist government came to power in Afghanistan in the late 70′s one of the first things they did was declare equality of the sexes made education for girls mandatory banned child marriages The conservative tribal leaders who the US armed funded who later became the Taliban declared this to be a “war on Islam” fought against the central government The US had no problem back then with encouraging the growth of Islamic conservatism to counter socialismcommunism You created your biggest enemy you have no one to blame but yourselves BLESS THIS POST its crazy to me how the US talks about war in the middle east as if its this ancient problem inherent to the area instead of a recent problem created by western countries to further their own interests ☕️☕️☕️ the CIA took out the democratically elected leader of Iran in the 1970s over oil and that set off an entire chain of events leading to ISIS here’s more about multiple other countries we’ve fucked over The United States Fucking monsters Meme






Osama bin Laden





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