Week Ending June 19th, 2017

  1. Wonder Woman
  2. Black Panther
  3. Captain Underpants
  4. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
  5. The Mummy +7
  6. Beauty and the Beast −1
  7. Heathers +1
  8. Zootopia +1
  9. Frozen
  10. Moana −3
  11. Spirited Away +9
  12. Lord of the Rings −2
  13. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales −7
  14. Deadpool −1
  15. Power Rangers
  16. Cars 3
  17. Olaf’s Frozen Adventure
  18. Alien: Covenant −4
  19. The Boss Baby
  20. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story −3

The number in italics indicates how many spots a title moved up or down from the previous week. Bolded titles weren’t on the list last week.

FANDOMETRICS VIESVES S MOVILS MOV <h2>Movies<h2><p><b>Week Ending June 19th 2017<b><p><ol><li><a href=httptumblrco61308W8E6>Wonder Woman<a><li><li><a href=httptumblrco61348W8EE>Black Panther<a><li><li><a href=httptumblrco61368W8EG>Captain Underpants<a><li><li><a href=httptumblrco61378W8EH>Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2<a><li><li><a href=httptumblrco61388W8Ey>The Mummy<a> <i>+7<i><li><li><a href=httptumblrco61398W8EJ>Beauty and the Beast<a> <i><i>−1<i><i><li><li><a href=httptumblrco61308W8EK>Heathers<a> <i>+1<i><li><li><a href=httptumblrco61328W8EM>Zootopia<a> <i>+1<i><li><li><a href=httptumblrco61358W8EP><b>Frozen<b><a><li><li><a href=httptumblrco61368W8Eu>Moana<a> <i><i>−3<i><i><li><li><a href=httptumblrco61378W8ER>Spirited Away<a> <i>+9<i><li><li><a href=httptumblrco61388W8Er>Lord of the Rings<a> <i><i>−2<i><i><li><li><a href=httptumblrco61398W8ET>Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales<a> <i><i>−7<i><i><li><li><a href=httptumblrco61308W8Ep>Deadpool<a> <i><i>−1<i><i><li><li><a href=httptumblrco61318W8EV><b>Power Rangers<b><a><li><li><a href=httptumblrco61328W8En><b>Cars 3<b><a><li><li><a href=httptumblrco61338W8EX><b>Olaf&rsquos Frozen Adventure<b><a><li><li><a href=httptumblrco61348W8Ek>Alien Covenant<a> <i><i>−4<i><i><li><li><a href=httptumblrco61358W8EZ><b>The Boss Baby<b><a><li><li><a href=httptumblrco61368W8Ew>Rogue One A Star Wars Story<a> <i><i>−3<i><i><li><ol><p><i>The number in italics indicates how many spots a title moved up or down from the previous week Bolded titles weren’t on the list last week<i><p><figure class=tmblr-full pinned-target data-orig-height=296 data-orig-width=500 data-tumblr-attribution=mobpsycho100nuKTmthRnlX9j_WWKBBiWwZcZ_nr2LTMFlR><img src=https78mediatumblrcomac14b687a3f65290ac279209b3757a5ftumblr_opoww1x7i71sv5krro1_500gif data-orig-height=296 data-orig-width=500><figure> Meme





Power Rangers

Star Wars



Spirited Away


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