Fact 1523 @Batfamily trivia Dick's parents were killed on June 27th Logan Review Possible Spoilers šŸ”“šŸ”“šŸ”“ - - My God This film is Dark Knight Level of good quality Yes- this film is a great send off for Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart The directing was excellent for this film and the R Rating really helped the film It's not a superhero film it's a film that just involves some super people Think of like the best superhero films not all Dark Knight and Winter Soldier one a crime drama one a political drama Both excellent films with little flaws That's what Logan is a film with little flaws that does the character Justice - - My favorite scenes would have to be a couple of like dialogue conversations with X23 and Logan and the fight scenes My God every time Hugh Jackman started yelling like a madman the rage of the Wolverine I was hitting my arm chair like Let's Go! And that final battle was what really sold it for me Like they are all in the forest and it's just chaos and then you hear the yell And now everyone is like Oh No - - This is a great film with a lot of violence lot of gore a lot of profanity but exactly what was needed for Hugh Jackman's final time as Wolverine And I can't thank him enough and Patrick Stewart for 17 years of these iconic roles dccomics warnerbros robin batman75 batgirl nightwing huntress Meme


Hugh Jackman


the forest







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