ey can I copy your homework? Yeah sure just don't make it ook obviouS Bethesda DDALO8-02 The Black Road By Ben Heisler and Paige Leitman Published Oct 2016 ESO Netherland's Adventure PART 1 ANYWHERE BUT HER Read or paraphrase the following after the charactees join with the caravan Part 1 There's nothing lhe the deert tu mate peopo eeumat and ssgfcant tevery direction huge dunes roll cross the lando ape andan even busrskrloo s abou Th qavset Nothing beats the deset to make poople feel small and unimporant In every direction enormious dunes m on the barder berween Cyrodil and Elsweyr is a colocful collection of sun-drenched tents in the vasr desers of Elbweyr In various ways it is arnanged that a group of adventurers would ger acquainted with the caravan leader named Kab 'reem His big rent is iled with several Khajle which soem unaffeczed by the heat they stare at you cautiously The dim interior of the tent is a across the landscape and an even larger empty air skies above r TFK ถ ss Vuerthyเง ศ0tbry colection mf sun-bleached lents in the astAnaurh deset hroogh aroms it has been anged that you would meet am the carery in the laige Calhan styled tent that passes for a vern he A par of teings mirat w tntrelicef compared o the bright sunlkighe fiom ouside even though it is stillas hor inside as ou brieht 1wM nd wenct though ส6 a6 hot hote 4S 4nyu her there The soft sounds of a stringed instrument fill the air and the people are busy over eating drinking and conversation An Argonian servant escorts you to an empty rable e The gte sounds of a stringed instrument fll the air and the people issile are hunched over foodt drinkand conersation A dragonbon with ust-colored ales greets you and pides you to s privwte table There are a few other edventurers heve The players have a moment to present their characters before the story goes on Allow the playors a monsent to introduce thei charactwes as they arrive before proceeding #Bethesda #Zenimax #ElderScrolls Bethesda Caught Plagiarizing Forced To Take Down Elder Scrolls Adventure Game! How not to write an adventure Meme









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