Ex-WWE star Batista calls Pacquiao 'idiot' over gay remarks By Mark Giongco Reporter @MarkGiongcoINQ INQUIRERnet 0106 AM February 21 2016 LATEST STORIES MOST REA SPORTS Pacers blows out Ca force Game 7 APRIL 28 2018 1149 SPORTS own at half Rapt eliminate Wizards to reserves APRIL 28 2018 1144 TECHNOLOGY Scientists shockeda NASA cuts only mo rover APRIL 28 2018 1137 TECHNOLOGY Globe users vent ir ICO C Glo service interruptio APRIL 28 2018 1136 LIFESTYLE PH bet captures 20 Eco International o APRIL 28 2018 1136 AP My mom happens to be a lesbian so I don'itg take that s**t I don't think it's funny said Bautista in an interview with TMZ Sports 73 If anyone called my mother an animal I'd stick my foot in his ass Dave Bautista Following @DaveBautista FUUUUUCK NOOOOOO!!!! Like HELLLL FUCKING NOOOOOO!!! HELL 2 the FUCKINGGGG 2 the NOOOOOOOO!!! HELL 2 the FUCKING FUUUUUCKKKK gemma@maña@gemmagema43 @DaveBautista I have a question for yougive your endorsement to @realDonaldTrump ???? #peace 210 AM 18 Oct 2016 10393 Retweets 21962 Likes 9499 10K 22K thedamnqueenofhell thecaptainstevexxx actorsallusionpresents seaofolives darkarfs Big Dave One of the good ones guys batista is honestly one of the greatest human beings alive ude Dave Bautista cried when he got the role of Drax in GotG and then threw himself into acting classes to prepare I love him Just wanted to add a more recent awesome post of his Meme







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