Everyone please go support Shibasaki Hé brightens a lot of peoples days but he feels like he doesn't help enough people and he is sick Please give him your love 悩んでます。 このまま続けていくべきか。 1459 Eng sub I'm wondering if I should continue I Watercolor by Shibasaki Watercolor by Shibasaki 24K views 12 hours ago one-time-i-dreamt bakin-makin-bacon simonalkenmayer goldhornsandblackwool ask-novelty marrow-bone completelyungood one-time-i-dreamt one-time-i-dreamt ethicalmemes Let’s do this #EthicalMemes Watercolor by Shibasaki This is his channel! This is his most recent video! Please leave positive comments after watching the video and press the Like button I’ve seen his watercolor tutorials and they made me want to paint again It’s wholesome content and he is a kind soul I love my third grandpa 🥺 the video is 14 minutes long so to summarise he’s not looking for support in the form of compliments he’s looking for feedback specifically if his videos are engaging and helpful bc he wants to work on evening out the high subscriberlow view count ratio he would like to be getting around 10% of his subscribers’ viewership which is around 40k views per video as he is only getting around 20k he is an ailing old man who just wants to figure out the best way to ensure that his videos across four channels damn!!! are helping people it’s essentially his legacy so if you’re trying to get into watercolor painting or like to have relaxing painting videos on while you’re working on things check out his channel and give him some views!!! Even you don’t paint just play the guy’s videos He’s so relaxing to listen to or to watch YouTube’s algorithm freaking blows let’s get this good good grandpa to trending Oh wow this is important and relevant to me What do you think gentle readers? Can we help this grandfather? He’s got a solo exhibition coming up so to anyone who wants to see some lovely art please give it a visit!!! More about it here httpsyoutube8gmzsV4Hdy4 His solo exhibition announcement video! Meme




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