es uil Jul Spice Jet Gulf Saudi Arabia In- diGo Gulf Istanbul Saudi Ara- bia and GoAir Gulf losing 307 tional airspacesuch as those over the oceans AREA 51 Who is running? They're internet jokesters The meme has spread to several social media platforms and spawned many jokes Why we are talking about it Storm Area 51 new rage on FB Are there aliens? iRNING he truth is out there but it's probably not at Area 51 the secret US military base in the Nevada desert a target of the alien conspiracy theories for decades Now people have signed up for a Facebook event called Storm Area 51 planned on September 20 2019 Unlikely What you would see is some benign government build- ings surrounded by barbed wire Aliens are far less likely Douglas Vakoch president of Messaging Extraterrestrial In- telligence says Tm not convinced that the aliens are here or that they ever were What is the plan? The creators of the page have stated their plans We will all meet up at the Area 51 Alien Center tourist attraction and coordinate our entry If we 'Naruto run' we can move faster than their bul lets Lets see them aliens It's a real military base run by the US Air Force and used for flight testing stealth planes The projects there have long been held secret and the first official mention of its existence came only in 2013 when the CIA de-classified a report on the history of the Lockheed U-2 spy plane The testing of spy planes possibly led to numerous reports of UFOS in the area though none have been Confirmed to be of extraterrestrial origins The name NARUTO RUN For anyone who isn't well-versed in anime-lingo a Naruto run is a style of running in which a person or character runs lean- ing forward with their arms stretched out behind them WHAT IS AREA 51? comes from a convention of naming the plots of land on the base There are other numbered areas desig nated by the now-defunct Atomic Energy Commission NRC is a register Fuck!! They know Meme










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