Enrique Woll Battistini 3 years ago This type of financially-engineered Global Development system detail-designed in 1999 would have probably angered the 1% but probably prevented or curtailed the 2008 financial crisis and its punishing worldwide socioeconomic consequences which were particularly harsh for the poor if it had been implemented in the North America-South America axis and then in the Asia- Oceania and Europe-Africa axes httpswwwacademiaedu12 2 VReply Share » Kevolution ai EPRE Alan MacDonaldEnrique Woll Battistini 8 months ago EMPIRE Yes Enrique but Slick Willie in 1999 protected the UHNWls and their EMPIRE from the pitch-forks' that later Obama just mentioned in 2009 - maybe to scare the Empire but more likely since the Zero 0-man never went Bulworth as he supposedly threatened to do to just 'pose' and 'play the role' of seeming to go to the Bulwarks in scaring them The biggest Hurricane 'Sandy' in NYC -- was actually the storm that Sandy Weil designed for the Disguised Global Capitalist Empire after he pushed John Reed out of the way and began engineering this Golem of an Empire of course he had to con Slick-Willie into allowing this biggest ever Ponzi scheme 2 VReply Share » Haut Alan MacDonald 6 months ago Notice the Timing of Poulson joining the Corrupt Bush Gov from Golman sachs to overseer the Gov to bail out these cunts! Israhell did 9-11 1AReply Share » Ubuk 2 years ago Maatt Daemoon Reply Share ˋ Maatt Meme











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