EmbraceRace Yesterday at 1200 PM embracerace Because treating people fairly often means treating them differently Equality Equity momo-de-avis aloneindarknes7 calystarose Because treating people fairly often means treating them differently This is something that I teach my students during the first week of school and they understand it Eight year olds can understand this and all it costs is a box of band-aids I have each students pretend they got hurt and need a band-aid Children love band-aids I ask the first one where they are hurt If he says his finger I put the band-aid on his finger Then I ask the second one where they are hurt No matter what that child says I put the band-aid on their finger exactly like the first child I keep doing that through the whole class No matter where they say their pretend injury is I do the same thing I did with the first one After they all have band-aids in the same spot I ask if that actually helped any of them other than the first child I say “Well I helped all of you the same! You all have one band-aid!” And they’ll try to get me to understand that they were hurt somewhere else I act like I’m just now understanding it Then I explain “There might be moments this year where some of you get different things because you need them differently just like you needed a band-aid in a different spot” If at any time any of my students ask why one student has a different assignment or gets taken out of the class for a subject or gets another teacher to come in and help them throughout the year I remind my students of the band-aids they got at the start of the school year and they stop complaining That’s why eight year olds can understand equity I remember reading somewhere once “we should be speaking of equity instead of equality” and that is a principle that applies here me thinks Meme











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