Ellison wrote four columns with the pen name Keith E Hakim during his final years of law school at the University of Minnesota By MN DAILY STAFF Minister Farrakhan never claimed to be a 'Malcolm X s a response to Howard Beach Virginia which an individual of one racial class Racism does not necessarily mean an- Beach Smalley and Weisse the Embassy causes displeasure among members of imus or hatred Before the American Civil By Keith E Hakim Suites Five and most recently the savage another racial class is not racism Under War whites and blacks lived comfortably murder of two Asian children ion black person who according to the diaries of slave holders Here's what's wrong with Johnny az This upsurge indicates that young people speaks of America's genocidal crimes in Many whit ard's piece titled Despite rhetoric Louis are no longer willing to Farrakhan is no Malcolm X Nov 17 of their slaves that they largess for material gains It's an acknowl- the same way people label everyone from granted them freedom in their wills These nflattering terms is labeled a racist In thought so hig blacks were nevertheless victims of racism Hatred emerges only when the subjected First with police shooting 13-year-old Asian kids in the back with Yusef Hawk- ins' racially motivated murder in Benson- hurst NY and with the mass beating of black college students in Virginia Beach there must be a better way of undoing racism than castigating the Nation of Islam Whom did the Nation ever lynch? Whose neighborhood did the Nation ever redline? Against what peopie did the Nation ever wage genocide? class attempts to alter the vertical hier archy racism requires atred is a sign of racism in disequilib- riumnot racism itself Simply because Farrakhan's speech evokes feelings of ar Second Hazard's piece has a flawed premise Unlike Vice President Quayle who attempted to garner support by asso- ciating himself with John F Kennedy Minister Louis Farrakhan never associated himself with al-Hajj Malik Shabazz Ma colm X The Honorable Elijah Muham- edgment that power concedes nothing the Rev Al Sharpton to the Rev Jesse mad resurrected Shabazz and Minister without a demand And of course Sha- Jackson as racist Farrakhan Minister Farrakhan continues the bazz demanded Honorable Elijah Muhammad's legacy Sha Fifth Shabazz made a clear distinction characteristics It means subjugation of oneanan bazz abandoned it Therefore Minister Far between the imperialistslave traders and racial class by another For Farrakhan to rakhan might not be another Elijah the other white peoples he met in Akebu be a racist he would have to be at least Muhammad but he definitely is not another Lan Africa and the Middle East It's true preaching subjugation of whites Farra- Malcom X He never claimed to be I would like to offer an explanation of why anyone who boldly asserts the inter ests of blacks is assailed as a racist a philanderer or a criminal It goes back to those old American laws forbidding any- one from assisting a slave to gain freedom Any person black or white who attempts to disrupt the slavocracy or white suprema cist hierarchy will come under attack by the white supremacists and their trained Racism however has very definite Farrakhan Dr Abdul Aleem Muham- mad Spike Lee the Black Law Student Association BLSA and the Africana Stu- dent Cultural Center ASCC have all come under fire because they are all guiltyo that Shabazz came to understand that khan however preaches cultural pluralisnm helping slaves Assistance o Third Hazard wrote Ironically King whites was more progressive than the Nation of Algeria Turkey and other places were not Racism means conspiracy to subjugate Islam crowd because he understood the devils but he never came to any similar economic nature of racism Wrong again understanding about the colonial masters planned social economic military rel The single most distinguishing characteris and slavers of Western Europe America gious and political subjugation of whites It tic of the Nation of Islam from a black Australia South Africa and Israel Shabazz cannot be intelligently argued that the perspective is the Nation's message of still considered these people very devilish Nation of Islam is doing this In fact ua economic self-determination Considering In fact upon his return from Haff a blacks have no history of harming or the Power Program the bean pies and the young white woman asked Shabazz if he subjecting whites as a class On the other fish stores the black community knows the would permit any white person to join his hand whites have it written into their very Nation to have a definite economic thrust ew organization the Organization for Constitution that blacks shall be consid- M L King by contrast was essentially a Afro-American Unity Shabazz said ered three-fifths of a person for purposes of e social reformer ing in Libya Egypt Palestine and repatriation as opposed to integration class slaves is only permitted when that assistance is severely limited highly publi- cized and actually bolsters white institu- ub 1o Certain forces sought to prevent Dr Muhammad from speaking last week for one reason He rips slaves a chemical dependence in Washington DC Farrakhan because Farra- khan does what is historically illegal and is currently taboo He frees the şlave from Hazard attacks maybe John Brown Brown is a white taxation and representation of their white Fourth there's nothing trendy about the man who led an armed rebellion to owners Their Constitution also makes provi upsurge in concerning Shabazz This is a response to Lastly Hazard the upsurge in white barbarism on Ameri- people uses the term racism in a very it's the best evidence of a white racist can coliege campuses including this one loose and erroneous way Anv situation in conspiracy to subjugate other peoples interest among black youth overthrow the slavocracy He was hanged sions for the return of runaway slaves Their more and more constitution is the bedrock of American law Keith Hakim is hird-year law student Meme


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Malcolm X

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