electrifyingnight imaghosttown kradeiz arrghigiveup gale-of-the-nomads notsomerryerry chabbit bulbasaur-propaganda Growing up with your starters Artist esasi8794 Twitter The captions are also really cute although they mostly describe what’s in each photo Bulbasaur Somehow nomming on my clothes… has become a weird habit of theirs Venusaur That hasn’t changed now that they’ve grown but they’re very gentle Charmander It’s my first attempt but I made a plushie so that he wouldn’t get lonely Charizard That plushie seems to be his favorite even now Squirtle Squirtle’s a bit timid and hides behind me at the smallest things Blastoise Looks like they’re scared of the first Pichu they’ve seen You’re not really hiding! @noelle217 This is adorable They just posted some more! source And some more! “They like to fawn around like a spoiled kid between my arms” “Since they got big They’ve become bold” “They hold my hands playfully touching”“He’s not obedient he touches my hands when I sleepnap” “They seek attention when I’m sulking”“Now they’re big they do it unwaveringly but It’s a little cute…” “When they worry they wrap their tail around things”“Since becoming big they’re restrained” “When it’s attention time they take their place in my clothes” “Uh my clothes oh you’re so happy well in that case it’s good…” “They hold out a pretty flower for me”“Today they held out a spring flower? to me Thanks!!” Thank you for the updated translations! Meme





Growing up

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