$ Ecosia a search engine that use 80% of their profits to plant trees is planting 1 Million trees in Brazil after the Amazon Rainforest fire tragedy The Happy Broadcast G I don't want to play with you anymore tspicer23 ofgeography avital-mi-beit tealishfish programmerhumour Programmers are the greatest browsing community SO mostly…We can singlehandedly save the planet I use Ecosia and let me tell you Google has nothing on this search engine It’s easy to free up your cache and delete cookies The option is immediately viewable in settings instead of hidden away in the alcoves of who knows where Unless you favorite a page it automatically clears it after 7 days which is awesome if you hate clearing tabs like I do They plant trees everywhere Ecosia updates you on their progress- not with annoying update notifications but with a button you can click as you type up your search if you’re curious The tree count is shown just beneath the search bar It is an app too and only takes up 182 MB That’s the equivalent of nine live pictures on your phone You can view your own tree count Mine’s 2475 trees I have had the app for six months Do you know how much acreage that is? It’s a heckin’ ton of acres It has a safe search mode that actually works It’s true! also worth noting that ecosia’s servers run on 100% renewable energy and that their tree-planting methods are very cool httpsecosiazendeskcomhcen-usarticles360013316554-What-tree-planting-methods-does-Ecosia-use- You can also add tab for a cause Which is an extension for your web browser that gives you hearts to donate every time you open a new tab And you can use ecosia as a search engine on it as well! Chrome Firefox Meme











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