earthsong9405 All done with Urbosa’s redesign and the additional sketches for her role in my headcanon! < As usual I didn’t change too much but I gave her a slightly different hairstyle some tusks as is natural for Gerudo in my headcanon and a brand new outfit! She has such lovely colors to work with I love her so much -But I’m sure ya don’t wanna hear me babble about how enjoyable her design is So let’s go straight into the headcanon! <————————--Urbosa is the current chief of the Gerudo and serves as the acting Champion for them as well As a Champion in this timeline she holds a key component in gaining access to Old Hyrule-”Champion” in this timeline doesn’t fully hold the same function as it once did in BotW Instead of being chosen to pilot the Divine Beasts a Champion are a handful of chosen warriors that serve as Hyrule’s best line of defense against any threat Despite every group of peoples having their own form of governing culture and way of life all of them are still united under the banner of Hyrule and the Champions could be the physical representation of this tight alliance A Champion may not necessarily have a lot of political power by themselves but what they represent and what they stand for still puts them in a high position in social status and therefore their word often holds significant weight As not only the chief of Gerudo but also their Champion Urbosa is in a position of having more power than what would typically be seen for a Chief Thankfully though she doesn’t abuse it and leads her people well there’s a reason she’s so well respected and loved among not only the Gerudo but across Hyrule as well-As one of the original Champions Urbosa retains many of her memories from her past life including what ultimately led to her death-I’ve always liked the idea of Urbosa being a motherly figure to just about anyone she meets but that also includes being an actual mother! Her kid in this headcanon is Riju <-While Urbosa isn’t actually related to Ganondorf he refers to her as his “aunt” Of all the Gerudo in his life Urbosa was a consistent presence often visiting him and his parents at their secluded home in the middle of Korok Forest She’d bring stories of adventure and gifts and even helped train him to be a skilled warrior but as much as she loves the boy her visits held an alternative motive-As a whole no one really knows of Ganondorf’s past as being the vessel for the Demon King but if anyone would have any idea about it it’d certainly be the Sheikah and the Gerudo As per tradition in their culture a newborn Gerudo must be brought forth to a shaman for examination to ensure their health and to fully proclaim their citizenship as a new member of the tribe When Ganondorf was examined the first thing the shaman noticed was the peculiar mark upon his chest a birthmark in the shape of the wound that struck Demise down all those thousands of years ago In seeing the mark the shaman took the baby away from his mother and brought it to the council and Urbosa to discuss what to do with itThe Gerudo are intimately familiar with the history surrounding the Demon King and how he stole one of their own so the mark was very telling of what the child once was And given the long stretch of peace Hyrule was experiencing it understandably buzzed some fear among the elder council Many were afraid his birth meant an end to that peace that the Demon King had somehow reincarnated once more and meant to bring hell back to HyruleSo in response to all of this the elders argued amongst each other about a solution Many ruled the boy too dangerous to allow him to grow older and demanded he be… dealt with Others deemed that too cruel even for a damned child and suggested they simply leave him somewhere far away let nature decide if he lives or dies But as chief and Gerudo Champion of Hyrule it ultimately came down to Urbosa’s choice She held the babe her council hissed demon stared at the birthmark that marked him as a vessel heard the pleading sobs of the boy’s mother over the whispers of “we’ll make it quick but we mustn’t let him live” “he is dangerous he will bring doom to us all” “end it now while he is weak”Stared at the supposed demon child who simply yawned in her grasp and blinked up at her with innocent yellow eyes She met the Demon King once she had stared into that monster’s eyes while she fought it to her death in her past lifetime She knows soulless eyes when she sees them… and this baby didn’t have those eyesSo Urbosa made her decision the boy will not die It was largely met with disbelief and anger you will doom us all! they said Despite Urbosa staying firm in her decision it took her days of arguing with the council and the aid of a Sheikah Seer who examined the child themselves and confirmed that he didn’t house the Demon King to finally reach a compromise the boy will live but he can’t live among the Gerudo He had to live with his mother in exile and his growth had to be monitored as a precaution The monitoring came in the form of Urbosa’s frequent visits-Urbosa is close friends with Zelda’s parents and is also something of an “aunt” figure to Zelda as well Zelda absolutely adores Urbosa and even sees her as more of a secondary mother figure than anything————————————Aaaaaaaaand that’s all I have for Urbosa for now! If I think of anything else I’ll be sure to add more and of course if ya have questions you’re more than free to ask them < Otherwise I hope you enjoy! ^^ Meme






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