E tumblintuck Follow dear-tumb1r PETA you guys remember when PETA stole people pets off their porches and you guys remember how it came out that PETA kills about 90% of the animals it takes in including healthy and adoptable puppies and kittens stating We could become a no-kill shelter immediately It means we wouldn't do as much work? you guys remember when PETA advocated killing all pit bulls for the crime of being pit bulls? you guys remember when PETA handed out these comics to children when there you guys remember when they made a porn site and then filled it with videos of animal abuse and also in that link claimed cats should be vegetarian? you guys remember when PETA lied about sheep shearing got caught and defended the lie as true even after they admitted the sheep in their picture you guys remember when they tried to excuse their horrifying ways by claiming that the person who exposed them was manipulating the facts by taking them and putting them in the wrong context? Because I remember I remember everything And I'm gonna make sure everyone else too testingforcake23 Why would they kill pit bulls they're Because PETA does not care about animals they do not care that these dogs live and breathe and feel and want love like every other dog they do not care about the history of humandog bonding and co-evolution they do not care that dogs and human beings have relied on each other for millennia they do not care that its cruel and morally repugnant to put down an animal just because you can they do not care about animals PETA cares about money and publicity who is afraid of pitts as it states in the link she was apparently bit by one and now she hates them PETA doesn't give a rats ass about animals They just want to kill and make money off of idiots who fall of their spiel testingforcake23 Some celebs support them ah c'mon dear-tumbir I think you're being a bit harsh I mean okay PETA's some not like they've also -spread false information about milk causing autism based on outdated bullshit information used holocaust imagery to compare the meat industry to concentration camps no pictures used a young man's brutal death as a way to say yeah that's awful but it happens to animals every day and nobody cares about that tw no pictures but the way the guy died is described and it is really horrible -dressed up in KKK robes and protested outside of the Westminister Dog Show to protest breedingpure bred dogs tw racism offered to pay the water bill for literally the poorest neighborhood in Detroit if and only if they all went vegan for a month tw self-righteous shitheads -and they definitely didn't have two of their workers accept perfectly healthy animals from an animal hospital with the implication that they would give them good homes clarify that these animals were all healthy and well-tempered and then euthanized them all in the back of a kill-van before dumping their dead bodies behind a grocery store tw PICTURES OF DEAD ANIMALS animal and they totally didn't get off pretty much scot-free for it because PETA has loads of money and lawyers to defend themselves which coincidentally might be why the Cerate family hasn't seen justice for their kidnapped and murdered dog Mayatw animal death Nah PETA's not that bad the heaviest of all my fucking sarcasm am salty as a fucking winter road lord do lfucking hate PETA dear-tumb1r Did you think i was fucking joking PETA? I will make sure everyone fucking remembers what you've done Bringing it back because it's charity season and people need to know NOT to give charity to these fuckers Source dear-tumbir 312250 notes > PETA is shit Meme











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