E File 1375611936713gif-478 KB 250x144 in the facegif Anonymous ID oDTqp6 080413Sun062536 No497619150 Replyl Replies >497626642497627301>>497627452 Dear god b what have I done Be 16 in highschool Beta virgin very very few friends >New girl in school >610 frizzly hair and really long birdlegs >Everyone makes fun of her calling her Birdy Big Bird Bird Legs etc >See her at lunch one day all by herself even I have friends to sit with >Feel really bad for her >Build up my courage tp sit with her We get to talking >Turns out we have a lot in common >We keep in touch and eventually begin dating >Loose my virginity to her feelsgoodmanjpg >My new relationship makes me more confident about life >Begin working out more eating more properly Begin expanding my circle of friends feeling cooler and cooler However my gaining in popularity means my gf begins to drag me down Everyone starts telling me Why are you dating Birdlegs or I can't believe you are you going out with that Birdy girl Stupidly listen to them cuz I'm an arrogant male teenager >Decide to break up with her Bre >Break up with her via text >We get in a huge fight >She mentions that she's been there for me since I was a loser >Blow her off and say I don't like her anymore >She calls me crying I have none of it and hang up >Feel like a boss for dumping the only girl that ever liked >Next day come to school feeling chipper >Everyone's got their heads hung and looking somber >Few girls are crying >Wonder what's going on >Friend walks up to me tells me I'm really sorry >Sorry about what? You don't know? he says somberly I thought of all people you would have heard first >Heard about what fucking tell me goddammit I thought everyone had heard about the Bird >Bird bird bird >Bird is the word >Don't you know about the bird? >Well everybody knows that the bird is the word >Buh buh oo mao mao buh buh oo mao mao Anon gets bamboozled Meme











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