DYKHOUSE rthodontics DAVID E DYKHOUSE DDS Diplomate American Board of Orthodontics CONGRATULATIONS - YOUR BRACES ARE OFF!!! INSTRUCTIONS FOR YOUR REMOVABLE RETAINER 1 Your retainers are to be worn all the time except when eating swimming or during any type of contact sports After 6 to 9 months your retainer wear will be reduced to 12 hours per day The length of time for retainer wear will gradually be reduced to sleeping hours only Sometimes a lower cemented retainer on the inside of the teeth is placed until the patient has finished growing and is usually in place two to three years 2 Retainers may be cleaned with a toothbrush and toothpaste They should be cleaned and rinsed thoroughly before placing in the mouth after each meal The plastic taste found in a new retainer will disappear in a day or two You may want to use a denture cleaner once or twice a week to help clean them 3 You may experience some difficulty in talking for a few days Practice reading aloud until you can adjust to them Be sure the retainer is seated around the teeth as far as it will go 4 Store your retainer in the retainer case given to you when it is out of your mouth Pets like to chew on these appliances Never remove your retainers and leave them laying around or put them in your pocket This is a sure way to lose or break them Do not drop your retainer It is fragile and can break very easily 5 Please call us if your retainers cannot be worn or if anything happens to your teeth you do not understand 6 If your retainers become loose or break please make an appointment as soon as possible to have them checked If it should be necessary to replace the retainers due to loss breakage or poor compliance a charge of S15000 for each retainer will be made and is due at the appointment for new impressions 7 Please schedule a regular cleaning and check up with your general dentist We will continue to monitor your third molars or wisdom teeth development and make recommendations for their removal if necessary 8 Your visits to our office for retainer checks will not be as frequent as when you were wearing braces Please remember to bring your retainers with you -- even if you are just wearing them at night 9 Remember! Wear your retainers wear your retainers wear your retainers We want to thank you for choosing pleased with your result and would feel comfortable recommending friends our office for your orthodontic treatment We hope you are our office to your family and ENJOY YOUR SMILE! ThM DIPLOMATE AMERICAN BOARD OF ORTHODONTICS Member American Association of Orthodontists Got my braces off today! Meme






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