DUCKParagraph SEASON DEAD 3Y DAYLIGHT Going Hunting THE DOG POWER The 80's may be considered the golden era of gaming However there was one game that it was considered the coolest new game of 1988 since its release many people started disappearing No one knew the cause and those unfortunate to know are the onews whose game of life is over The Dog may look friendly and help you hunt in game but sadly the dog is hunting for more people to make them disappear in real life The Dog has no Terror Radius and is Undetectable when not in a chase Press the Active Ability button to crouch Press it again to stand Hold down the power button to stalk your prey Each survivor has its own stalk progress Stalking a survivor grants you Increase movement speed when in a chase The movement speed benefit will be dependent on how much you stalked the specific survivor you are chasing The more the survivor was stalked you will have above average movement speed when chasing himher You are unable to stalk during a chase Pressing the Secondary Power when you are not being seen by a survivor allows you to teleport and come out from a Locker in your view If a survivor is using the locker you are trying to teleport to it will highlight the locker with the Killer Instinct effect I'm Not Laughing TEACHABLE PERK different ways it's hard to pretend to stay in character in those situations You have been shot many times by many people At least you now have a lot of endurance from past experiences You reduce the duration of Stuns from Survivor perks by 404550 % Multiple Endings TEACHABLE PERK When all the exit gates are powered 123 survivors will receive one random permanent Status Effect Blindness Deep Wound Exhausted Hindered or Broken The obsession is not affected by this perk If there is a new obsession while this perk is activated the obsession will disable the status effect inflicted and it will be given to the previous obsession Cannon Ending Duck Season TEACHABLE PERK If three survivors are not in the injured or healthy state and there is only one survivor standing during the trial the perk activates The last survivor standing will suffer the exhausted effect and the exposed effectand you will be able to see the survivor's aura The perk will deactivate if there are still at least two survivors not dead sacrificed in the dying state hooked or that have escaped Ready? DON'T LET THE TV BREAK Dead By Daylight x Duck Season Meme











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