Dua accompanied by sincere tears of repentance becomes the most powerful weapon of a believer IG ayeshaaqureshi السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته to all the readers - Almighty Allah الله عزوجل is unique in every sense whether you realise it or not it won't affect his kingdom He made everything in such a unique way as if one tries to ponder even a bit particle of sand he can see the Majesty of our Rab Indeed He deserves to be praised each and every second Wallahi I was just sitting in seclusion and realized one thing which now am starting sharing with you You have your parents siblings cousins friends etcetera Have you ever realised one thing in your relationship or bonding!! The one whom you love is the one who you are never gonna fear of And the one whom you fear you can't love him-her It's natural These two feelings can't go together for any human being But what a beautiful Sifah does Allah الله عزوجل posses We Love Him and also we Fear Him And this bonding is so beautiful that if you think deeply about it you'll cry out of Joy I don't know how some of you will feel now but I will say the reality and will keep saying until the soul escapes out if this body Bitter but truth !! Many people have immersed themselves totally in these social sites and now what happens with the passage of time few people start appreciating them for something they realise on their own that they have become big Sheikh's or Scholars or don't know what kinda stucks their mind They think they can heal someone who comes up saying I am going through so and so phase Wake up man This is social media You don't even know what's happening in their lives or whether or not they are telling their entire bio data that how they ended up having the problemtheir might be a very different scene behind the screen First of all lemme say Only ALLAH is our maker and only He is the Healer You and I are only his beggars and when we go through anything it's only ALLAH who cures us So how can you heal them here on sites writing on your bio Contact me for help and advice and ask anything via DM Listen you people ALLAH Qur'an and Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad PBUH are enough READ BELOW 👇👇👇 Meme











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