Don't apologizelfthis was Derek would already be gone GREYSCHIEF S13E24 ⚠️⚠️SPOILER ALERT⚠️⚠️ QOTD Thoughts on the Season 13 Finale last night? AOTD I LOVED IT I AM SO HAPPY!!! Read my overview of last nights season finale below! - this episode started off with a bang seeing Meredith so close to the hospital I'm surprised it wasn't her in the explosion - i am so happy that Stephanie is alive she's such a badass and she's the best on her feet - omg she literally put the little girls life so much ahead of hers she ran through a wall of fire to save her she's phenomenal Jerrika 100% deserves an Emmy for her performance - seeing Owen at the house made me upset I thought that it would be best for him to go to the hospital and help bc it would take his mind off of things - when they went up the stairs and didn't have the keycard my heart sunk Stephanie had the we're gonna die face and I knew that wasn't the end bc Stephanie doesn't just give up she's never given up - im forever gonna hate eliza minnick bc she forgot to tell the cops that steph was missing then later blames it on Richard like BOI LEAVE - we need to appreciate Benjamin Warren more he literally saved Stephanie and Erin's life - y'all I'm cringing I don't ship incest Jackson and Maggie??!? boi! no japril will rise but tbh If they weren't related I would lowkey ship it - I LOVE BAILEY AGAIN SHE FIRED MINNICKS ASS SHE EXPOSED HER - kinda feel bad for Arizona bb but I hate minnick - I feel like next season they're gonna bring her back some sort of way but I feel like Arizona is gonna leave - It was so emotional when Meredith told Nathan about megan I cried she's such a good person - I love how she wanted him to be happy and she wanted him to go to her asap - I feel bad for Meredith bc she was just getting happy - Give Meredith grey some happiness !!! - And the closing scene was phenomenal as well I loved it and it made me like Amelia a little more - I AM SOOO HAPPY THAT STEPHANIE QUIT AND DIDNT DIE SHES HAPPY NOW SHE CAN TRAVEL AND DO WHAT SHE WANTS SO GRATEFUL SHE DIDNT DIE - If this was Derek I would already be gone < wouldn't we all Mer mcdreamy is everything for us - Comment if you read all of this and drop your opinions on last nig Meme











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