Does anyone else? Starter pack DAEsuper generic DAE feel sick when they are nervous questionstatement OR very odd super specific question statement DAE get scared that their body will grow a separate mind from your own mind and just jump off the edge of a cliff or something even though you know mentally you don't want to? Does anyone still cringe at small things they did from years ago no matter how many times you think of it? I'm 21 and there's honestly still at least 15 things that Ive thought of 100 times each and still visibly cringe every time Honestly some were from when I was maybe 5 or 6 like anyone would really judge you for what you did or said when you were that young long backstory or extremely detailed account of an everyday occufrence Last night I was recalling from about 5 years ago in high school English when we read the Invisible Man there was a line in the book that went you just got aped by Santa Clause and the teacher asked us what that meant The answer was because Santa Clause doesn't exist much like the Invisible Man but I truly and honestly thought before hearing the correct answer that it was because Santa Clause is a gift giver and the Invisible Man thought that he was doing her a favor And suddenly the teacher gasped and exclaimed my name the whole class went quiet and everyone looked at me like I was some kind of rapist I still cringe every time to this day Does ANYONE still get fixated on dozens of moments like this from years ago? EditI want to thank everyone for their comments I obviously know that everyone has cringey moments but I was not sure as to how often people recall them and have a hard time getting over little things that perhaps no one else remembers I feel better knowing how common it is and knowing that I'm not alone and I hope anyone that can relate feels the same way *acting like they are the only one ever who has experienced something common* ANDOR *acting shocked when other people have experienced the same thing* Does anyone else think folding laundry is one of the most tedious and torturous household tasks?? Seriously this is agonizing! Plus it takes for-fucking-EVER because I keep finding ways to get distracted because folding the actual laundry is so boring EDIT wow I didn't expect this to blow up so much! Hands down my most upvoted post ever thanks guys Does anyone else? starter pack Meme

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