District 1 District 3 District 2 YMCMB Mariah Carey Alive Jermaine Dupri Alive Ariana Grande Big Sean Alive Nicki Minaj Alive Drake Alive Alive District 4 District 5 District 6 uer AGHE Beyoncé Jay-Z Alive Rihanna Leonardo Dicaprio Alive Lady Gaga Alive Tony Bennett Alive Alive Alive District 9 District 7 District 8 Britney Spears Alive WillLLAm Sia Shia Labeouf Alive Christina Aguilera Alive Blake Shelton Alive Alive Alive District 10 District 12 District 11 70 Jennifer Lopez Cher Bono ft Pitbull Kim Kardashian Kanye West Alive Alive Alive Alive Alive Alive themariahcareythemariahcareythemariahcareythemariahcareythemariahcareythemariahcareythemariahcareythemariahcareythemariahcareythemariahcareythemariahcarey themariahcareythemariahcareythemariahcareythemariahcareythemariahcareythemariahcareythemariahcareythemariahcareythemariahcareythemariahcareythemariahcareythemariahcareythemariahcareythemariahcareythemariahcareythemariahcareyit’s amazing how I fall on every trend that tumblr comes up withSounds like a normal gaga performance goodoh I can’t believe they killed britney and Tony bennett never stood a chance it takes a star to kill a legendIt’s okay they have an elastic heart smh kim he wouldJay-z trynna stop that collab@lambily am i right??? gone too soon #Day2 we know she would she’s gonefishing for talent Broken hearted girl 3 more have died #day3 why u so obsessed wme?keeping it realJust like mariah… smh Our remaining 9 #day4 The Britney Army salutes you Shialmao Mariah trying to kill herself hanging around Ariana and Nicki at the same time Nicki no longer beez in his trapMariah better get that 2015 hit with Sia So nothing new?????seems accurateAlso nothing new Mariah’s enemies dying one by one #day6 I would too if I did that video with SIAhow the hell did this shit happen oh baby everynight I rush to my bedbitch you better stay safe #Day7 and nobody died this is getting real YAAAS KILL THE BITCH WORKSia i swear to god if you don’t kill this hoe in the middle of the night…I am… Okay with this Sia pls You’re titanium you’re fine #Day8 Rihanna is now a diamond in the sky wow shit got real really fast Can you imagine beyoncé beating the shit out of Sia while singing Pretty HurtsWe all know she’d whistle too the birds to get help BOOM BITCH! SHE MIGHT HAVE SPARED YOUR LIFE BEFORE BUT THIS WAS IT #Day9 Beyoncé slep thru almost half of this I LITERALLY HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THE CONCLUSION I HAVE TO STUDY AND I WAITED JUST FOR THIS! Greatest thing I’ve seen on tumblr in a while MC wins! Meme


ariana grande


Big Sean

britney spears






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