dirty_corner 779 likes dirty_corner Up yours whatacatchtony africanaquarian mythiquebitch squidwardchat hotgaydumbledore theundercovercanadian hisunlikelyvalentine ofmanynames veryfemmeandantifascist frankenfemme brotherwife eroscestlavie THIS IS ANISH KAPOOR’S INSTAGRAM I AM SCREAMING AT HOW PETTY THIS IS God Who’s the narc that gave him the pink I’m screaming But the statement is the best Kapoor or one of his agents has it’s worth noting violated the terms of service put forth on Semple’s website and Semple isn’t happy He expressed his deep concern over the situation in an email to artnet News We are all extremely disappointed to see that Anish Kapoor has illegally acquired the world’s pinkest pink He’s walked into this paint war with a gesture that cannot be misconstrued He’s given the art community a bright pink middle finger He is still very much at large Not only has he refused to share the black he’s now stolen our pink Rest assured we will get to the bottom of who has purchased this on Anish Kapoor’s behalf and broken their contractual agreement with culturehustlecom and we will instruct our lawyers to take appropriate action against such breaches We are pleased to note that he has not managed to get his hands on the World’s Glitteriest Glitter—yet—and we urge purchasers not to share the product with Kapoor or his associates I don’t get it? Basically this guy Anish Kapoor had made a deal with NanoSystem the people producing Vantablack or the blackest black paint pigment in the world so that he would have exclusive rights to use it for art purposes This naturally upset a great number of people in the art world to say the least as many other people were excited to experiment with using the Vantablack pigment in their art Therefore as an act of retaliation artist Stuart Semple released PINK the world’s pink pigment under the stipulation that anyone in the world could buy it except for Anish Kapoor At the time of purchase the purchaser has to agree to a legal statement saying that they are not Anish Kapoor and will not willing or knowingly give the pigment to Anish Kapoor By this image it indicates that someone violated that agreement and provided the pigment to Kapoor Thus why Semple is pursing legal action I hope this helps clear some things up stuart semple got his hands on the black @africanaquarian update on the art hoe drama OH MY G OD SEMPLE PUT ON HIS INSTAGRAM STORY THAT THEY FOUND THE NARC AND THERE WILL BE RETRIBUTION I’M SCREAMING Meme











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