did you know? When GiGi the horned owl sustained a near-fatal head injury she was nursed back to health by Doug Pojeky at an animal rescue in Mississippi He soon left town to visit family but when he finally returned she danced on his arm put her head on his shoulder and hugged him with her wings PHOTO FACEBOOK WILD AT HEART RES CUE DIDYOUKNOWBLOGCOM wingedpredators birds-and-pizza talons-mcbeak did-you-kno When GiGi the horned owl sustained a near-fatal head injury she was nursed back to health by Doug Pojeky at an animal rescue in Mississippi When Doug was growing up a great horned owl used to perch on the top of his family barn His father saw the owl often but he and the rest of his family rarely did However on the morning of his father’s death the owl was spotted overlooking the farm house where Pojeky’s father had passed away before flying off into the woods “For some reason when that bird was hugging me all I could think of was my dad” Source Source 2 no no no no no this owl is not a happy owl this owl is an injured weak owl with a head injury this owl is not displaying appropriate owl behaviors and is ill-equipped for life as a wild owl this owl should be trying to escape andor murder this man because that is just what owls do especially great horned owls apparently this owl got released which really alarmed me because either she made a miraculous recovery or she was completely not in any way ready for release and doesn’t have great chances of survival believe me i wish owls were all cuddly sweethearts who gave hugs and appreciated our care but that is so very much not reality even the sweetest owl i know - who is the light of my life and a joy to work with - likes to murder stuff and will hiss and threaten you if he doesn’t trust you or wants you to gtfo and when i say “sweetest owl” basically i just mean that he’s bonded to his two main trainers and is comfortable with us but if you ask anyone else he’s a grouchy old man with sharp talons because he’s an owl he’s not a snuggly pet and he’s a 14-year-old captive-bred barn owl who has lived with humans and been an education bird his whole life not a wild great horned owl who is clearly injured and having a shitty week of being grabbed and handled by giant mammals this great horned owl is not a happy owl and it certainly isn’t feeling any sort of gratitude mostly she’s too sickinjured to have enough energy to defend herself or hold her wings up or keep her eyes open when wild animals get released it’s nice to think that they are silently thanking us for saving them but that’s what we don’t want we want them to be ready for life in the wild which means we want them to hate us and want to avoid humans forever because that gives them the best chance of survival the best thanks you can get from a rehabilitated wild animal is when they flyrunswim the fuck away from you as soon as you open the cage and never look back those are the successes I can preach what @talons-mcbeak said This owl obviously is not aware of anything that is going on and is showing signs of a very very serious head injury trust me I’ve seen my fair share You can see in the gif she attempted to bite him She is just too weak and sick to be able to stop this person from manhandling her This man is not handling this bird right at all and wild great horned owls are never friendly That owl should not be put into those positions or used to promote such a disgusting lie by a man who obviously doesn’t know what he’s doing It is a wild animal not a domestic Do not believe this bullshit story! This! This 100 times over! UGH I keep seeing this owl picture and story passed around on Facebook Tumblr etc with captions of ‘awwwww’ and ‘Cute!’ and so forth No It’s not ‘cute’ That owl is so unfit to be released and weak and probably in high states of stress Anyone who knows the slightest thing about owl behaviour knows that this is not a ‘thankful’ or ‘happy animal’ Owls can’t even feel any love-related emotions to humans Period Please share the truth about this story The above two comments say a lot Shame on that ‘rehabber’ for passing on such false information and for treating that poor injured owl in such a way Meme










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