DID YOU KNOW? PUMPKIN SEEDS KILL PARASITES IGFB HOLISTIC ALI BRAIN ON PARASITES UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND MEDICAL CENTER RECOMMENDS CONSUMING PUMPKIN SEEDS ALONG WITH PLENTY OF FLUIDS TO HELP BOTH PROTECT AGAINST AND GET RID OF ANY PARASITES YOU MAY HAVE Follow ➡️ @holisticali Importantly this pumpkin seed remedy for intestinal worms may actually kill the parasites It is believed the high levels of compounds known as cucurbitins paralyze the worms This prevents them from holding on to the intestinal walls as they usually do during a bowel movement In Islamic teachings the pumpkin has been introduced as a useful element for the brain The Prophet has been quoted as saying eat pumpkin since it increases brain capabilities According to modern science the useful parts of the pumpkin are its flesh and seed Pumpkin has high amounts of vitamin A and removes toxins besides being effective in preventing weight loss Pumpkin activates memory cells and is also effective in keeping the lungs and liver in healthy order The pumpkin is prescribed for kidney and bladder disorders and plays a miraculous role in treatment of diabetes and high blood pressure Physicians recommend eating big pumpkins It is interesting to know that big sweet pumpkins are not damaging for those people who suffer from diabetes Pumpkin is also considered a cooling fruit and useful for removing body inflammation and thirst SOURCE http-wwwrohamaorg-en-content-568 HolisticAli Parasites PumpkinSeeds Ramadan1438 IG 👉🏽 @holisticali FACEBOOK-YOUTUBE-SNAPCHAT 👉🏽 @holisticali SUBSCRIBE TO NEW YOUTUBE LINK IN BIO Meme







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