DIABETIC BEGINNER RATED LOVEBug asan STATEN ISLAND ACC 58613 elderly owner can't care for her gentle w kids & cats STATEN ISLAND ACC ADOPTABLE *BEGINNER RATED HOME DIABETIC* Purry Mason was brought in because her owner is elderly and unable to care for She is a sweet petite girl that seems to get along well with other kitties and is playful with children Purry Mason will purr and greet you as soon as you approach her cage She loves attention! Beginner rated love bug Purry Mason 58613 11 year spayed female BEGINNER HOME!! CBC Chemistry in comment section below A staff member writes Are you guilty of being lonely? Look no further Purry Mason is on the case He is a very personable and friendly cat that loves attention No one will object to the fact that Purry Mason would be a wonderful addition to anyone's family Vet Consultations 1-Apr-2019 Progress Exam L V T Notes 1234 PM BG 427 mgdL As per Dr 1594 Rx give 4 iU SQ LVT-E 991289 31-Mar-2019 DVM Intake Vet Notes 644 PM SpayNeuter Waiver - Permanent Your newly adopted pet has been diagnosed with geriatric age and the staff veterinarians are issuing a PERMANENT waiver from the spayneuter requirements of the City of NY ACC does not have the facility to safely sterilize your pet with hisher current condition However your veterinarian will provide consultation on whether this procedure can or should be performed under their supervision Follow up care at your regular veterinarian is recommended to ensure continued treatment and proper oversight of your pet's health All costs for follow up care and subsequent surgery is at the expense of the adopter Vet Notes 644 PM DVM Intake DVM Intake Exam Estimated age 11 years Microchip noted on Intake? no ACC implant Microchip Number If Applicable History stray Subjective alert and responsive Observed Behavior - friendly vocal active Evidence of Cruelty seen - no Evidence of Trauma seen - no Objective T = P = R = BCS- 49 EENT Eyes clear ears clean no nasal or ocular discharge noted Oral Exam dental tartar PLN No enlargements noted HL NSR NMA CRT < 2 Lungs clear eupnic ABD Non painful no masses palpated hepatic margins extended beyond normal borders of thorax UG wnl MSI Ambulatory x 4 skin free of parasites no masses noted healthy hair coat CNS Mentation appropriate - no signs of neurologic abnormalities Rectal external wnl Assessment diabetic mellitus urinary tract infection- see UA + leukocytes +1 glucose Prognosis good pending response to treatment Plan Humulin N BID sq - dose pending current BG convenia inj sq 045 mls for treatment of concurrent UTI SURGERY Permanent waiver due to age VET-P 991594 31-Mar-2019 Progress Exam L V T Notes 1258 PM BG 447 mgdL As per Dr 1594 35 IU Insulin fed WD wet food small amount Vet Consultations Date Reasons Vet Notes Vet Date Resolved 30-Mar-2019 Other Lab Interpretation L V T Notes 339 PM Chemistry Elevated GLU 589 mgdl BUN 39mgdl ALP 134 mgdl Urinary analysis Ketones negative Glucose 1000mgdl LVT-E 990780 30-Mar-2019 LVT Intake L V T Notes 337 PM LVT Intake Exam Microchip Scan Positive 0A10687A33 Evidence of Cruelty No Observed Behavior Friendlyallowed handling Sex MI Estimated Age 11yrs Subjective OS Eyes WNL Ears WNL Oral ExamMild gingivitistartar Skin WNL Heart WNL Lungs WNL Abdomen WNL Musculoskeletal WNL BCS49 slightly underweight Mentation WNL Preliminary Assessment Possible diabetesunderweight Plan As per Dr 1594 administered 4 units of Insulin humulin N Will recheck GLU tonight and scheduled dvm check tomorrow RV dvm exam This behavior note was written by the previous owner of this pet Animal Care Centers of NYC provides this as a guide for optimal pet placement Please use these notes in conjunction with the information provided by NYCACC Animal ID 58613 Animal Name Purry Mason Breed Domestic Short Hair This animal came from Origin Address Basic Information Purry Mason is a 7 year old spayed female cat that was brought in due to the client's father being too old to care for her Previously lived with adultschild baby cat How is this cat around strangers? Purry Mason is shy for a few minutes around strangers She plays gently with adults How is this cat around children? Purry Mason is respectful of children and plays gently with them It was noted that she was good around a baby How is this cat around other cats? She is respectful around other cats How is this cat around dogs? Purry Mason does not have prior dog experience Behavior Notes Purry Mason criesmeows when riding in a car She isn't bothered when nails are trimmed brushed picked up and held and woken up She is afraid when put in a carrier She was never given a bath Bite history No bite history reported Energy leveldescriptors low For a New Family to Know Purry Mason was described as affectionate She loves being petted When you're home she likes to follow you around sit on you and be in the same room She likes catnip toys She sleeps in a cat bed She eats wet and dry food She uses an uncovered litter box with clay litter She scratches on a carpet or wood scratching post Behavior Notes Upon intake allowed all handling such as scanning for a MC collaring posing for a picture and being picked up Animal Behavior Saved At 2-Apr-2019 13143000 Animal ID 58613 Animal Name Purry Mason Age 11 Years Tag Number Breed Domestic Short Hair Gender Female Spayed Neutered Yes Handler Observer Behavior Assessment Date 422019 Retest Date Retest Reason Next Test Date KNOWN HISTORY Lived Indoors Previously lived with adults child cat Behavior toward strangers Purry Mason is shy for a few minutes around strangers She plays gently with adults Behavior toward children Purry Mason is respectful of children and plays gently with them It was noted that she was good around a baby Behavior toward cats She is respectful around other cats Behavior toward dogs Unknown Bite or Scratch history None Litter box training Energy leveldescriptors Low energy affectionate Other notes She loves being petted When you're home she likes to follow you around sit on you and be in the same room She likes catnip toys She sleeps in a cat bed MEDICAL BEHAVIOR 03312019 DVM - friendly vocal active Cage Condition Cage is neat Reaction to assessor Purry Mason was at the front of the kennel She was meowing and head bumping the front of the kennel Her ears and whiskers were forward and her eyes and body were soft and relaxed Reaction when softly spoken to Purry Mason remained in the front of the kennel continuing to meow and head bump Reaction to cage door opening Purry Mason walked to the back of the kennel but then came right back to the front of the kennel sniffing the assessor and meowing Body language remained the same as before Reaction to touch Purry Mason leans into petting She head bumps the assessor's hand and allowed petting all along the body Her body and eyes remained soft and relaxed and ears and whiskers were forward With continued petting Purry Mason began to purr and knead Reaction to being picked up Purry Mason's body was tense at first and she let out a meow but once secure in assessor's arms her body relaxed She began to purr and her ears and whiskers were forward Once place done in kennel she retreated to the back but then came back to the front once again and was leaning into petting ACTIVITY LEVEL Moderate VOCAL Talkative CHARACTER TYPE Bold Social Sweet Affectionate Easy going POTENTIAL CHALLENGES None BEHAVIOR DETERMINATION Beginner Behavior Asilomar H - Healthy RECOMMENDATIONS None BEHAVIOR SUMMARY Purry Mason interacts with the Assessor solicits attention is easy to handle and tolerates all petting No known history of behavioral problems This cat can go to a beginner home PLEASE CONSIDER SAVING THE LIFE of a NYC ACC Death Row cat with your immediate offer to adopt TO GET STARTED IMMEDIATELY SEND A PRIVATE MESSAGE TO THIS PAGE click Send Message from our home page We will respond asap You will complete an app with a registered 501c3 New Hope Rescue Partner approved to pull cats from the NYC ACC shelter We will immediately alert the rescue of your incoming app Adoption fees are currently WAIVED there is fast free transport ABOUT TRANSPORT With your approved app there is FAST FREE TRANSPORT to your home up to a 4 hr radius outside of NYC including all or part of NY NJ CT PA NH VT RI MA MD DE & DC see transport map provided More distant adopters can meet the transport van ie a NC or VA adopter could meet in MD or DC or an OH adopter could meet in PA ABOUT KITTENS Kittens under 8 wks old & 2 lbs in weight are NOT PUBLICLY ADOPTABLE due to their fragility They can only be pulled by a rescue for specially-trained pre-approved kitten foster homes in NY NJ & CT For more info PM us Kittens over 8 weeks and 2lbs should preferably go in PAIRS ABOUT PLEDGES Pledges are directly paid to the 501c3 NEW HOPE RESCUE PARTNER that pulls the the cat Pledges do not guarantee a cat's life will be spared but may help a rescue org decide if they can afford to pull the cat and cover hisher vet expenses ABOUT US MLC is 100% volunteer run page we can't pull cats we are not a rescue not affiliated with the nyc acc Meme











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