Dear Baille My name is Jaymison Jones and I currently manage a local business in Sacramento I am witing to notify you about an important opportunity for students in your area Due to our company's continued growth and expansion we eurrently have openings for summer work We would like to invite you to apply Our starting pay is $1500 base-appt You do not need any experience to start with us and some of the students who work with us receive scholarships Vector is an international company established in 1981 We are currently expanding locally and have summer customer sales and service positions available These positions will offer several unique advantages for those students accepted Full and part time openings with flexible sehedules $1500 base-appt Training provided-no experience necessary Valuable resumé experience for all majors May continue during school in the fall Conditions apply All ages 18+ Opportunity to advance We are currently filling positions in Sacramento Elk Grove Rancho Cordova Folsom El Dorado Hills Carmichael and surrounding areas I encourage you to apply regardless of your major your current work schedule your class schedule or your previous work experience I look forward to meeting you and explaining the details of the positions To schedule a time to apply please contact our receptionist at 916 382-7872 anytime between Monday and Friday 800 am to 1000 pm or Saturday 800 am to 700 pm Sincerely Jaymison Jones Division Manager HNONP 3 READ THIS AND PLEASE FORWARD So last week my daughter Micah got a letter in the mail Completely generic letter with no return address Inside was a typed message saying Hi Micah just wanted to let you know that we are hiring for $15 an hour here in town and are interested in an interview with you Please give me a call so we can set up an appointment Thanks Austin Micah ripped it up thinking it was spam mail since there was no buisness letterhead or return address label Today we were just made aware of a very dangerous situation here in placer and sacramento county Apparently there is a group of people seeking out young girls locally within our community Finding profile pictures of pretty girls on facebook Google searching they're information obtaining addresses and phone numbers and contacting them regarding a job opportunity It has been reported and confirmed that once the girls meet at the disclosed Uce ue giis meet at ue uisuioseu location they are offered water while waiting The water contains rufinal Once the girls pass out they are then transported to different locations as sex slaves for human trafficking We are so fortunate and lucky our daughter didn't fall for the letter but I think it's important to make this public Please pass this along it could save a life folly-of-alexandria thatsubmissivedragon theroofisonfiire thalia-freaking-grace niv-mizzle obi-wanz aazvolunven jonfawkes breezy-cheezy cloud-strife-amiibo hueyfucker420 mooncryptid mooncryptid soundiing icandrawthings shishitsunari littleblackchat pan-apollo jxnc actuallycrying existental zayenmalik mochimochimeido bimuslimheaux siliecrazie disimba disimba READ THIS It was posted on FB today then someone commented on it and said their 19year old son even got one in the mail TODAY If you live in Sacramento read this and protect your selves as well as friends family and peers Huge human trafficking area!!! SacramentoCA Is the #2 hotspot for human trafficking in the United States BOOST Oh my god I got a letter exactly like this in Louisville KY The exact same wording and everything I threw mine out because there was no letterhead or information and I thought it was just a scam but I had no idea that it was this bad I have no idea how they found me Please be safe out there I got this letter too wtf… I got that letter too in AZ everyone be super careful This is also happening in San Diego!!! I received one in the mail on friday! I live in Kansas and got this letter a few weeks ago too Be careful everyone Holy shit I live in AZ I’ve got this letter like 5 times that’s scary as hell I GOT THIS LETTER IN THE MAIL A FEW DAYS AGO IM SHAKING RIGHT NOW Please be careful oh my God i can’t stress enough don’t fall for fake shit like this they are very apparently suspicious but they target teens who are desperate for a job PLEASE be careful holy shit Yeah it’s fucked up I’ve gotten two addressed to me Everyone please be careful Idk if this is real or not but since so many of my followers are female please be careful <3 The hell?! This is why I never post my pictures on the Internet Ever I don’t even SNAPCHAT my face in case some freak gets their hands on it Fuck men Living in AR and got it too Kind of freaking out dude what the fuck i got one of those too??? the terrifying thing is that i was actually going to apply because it sounded like a really good deal personal info aside from my first name edited out bc obviously also mine has a website attached to it my nameVectorApplycom and when i went to the website and after asking for my zip code this is what popped up which is obviously incredibly suspicious just heads up ANY job application you do will ask you for much much more information than this if all it asks you for is name email and phone number it’s most likely a scam and you need to close out of that as fast as possible tbh and just as a test i put in a fake name for the first half of the url fuckhandsmcmikevectorapplycom and the same screen shows up which… wouldn’t be correct if it only generated urls based on potential “applicants” that had received letters i would HIGHLY recommend reporting this to the appropriate authorities if you’re able to because this shit is shady as fuck and very very scary holy fuck i was going to apply but i got sick i feel like i dodged a bullet Jesus Christ my Husband got this letter and we were about to call I’m so glad he found this Jesus Christ this is so creepy I’m scared I got this letter a few days ago?? I live in TN and this is tell absolutely terrifying everyone please stay safe! reblog to save a life Hey I got this letter too and I live in New Hampshire!! I’m fortunately to ave immediately known what it was but others may not!! I know Vector is actually a legit thing although I wouldn’t suggest it based on research Not sure about the others My girlfriend just got a letter like this so I feel the need to boost This is also happening in NY I got one of these like a month or so ago and a call from this company saying that someone turns out the name was the name of my friend’s friend’s boyfriend recommended me for the job and I probably would’ve taken it if it wasn’t a customer service like job I’m so glad I didn’t I received a Vector letter like the one above TWICE I was thinking about applying too Well Vector’s not human trafficking but it is a Pyramid scheme company that sells knives They don’t pay you hourly so it’s likely the letters claiming to have hourly jobs for Vector there are the human traffickers trying to appear more legitimate by impersonating another company too bad they just chose other criminals Meme











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