Damn hope that isn't true nickcasey21 20min What if every sperm you ejaculate via masturbating ends up fusing together to face one mega sperm cell and in the afterlife you must fight it to reach your ideal heaven? Reply + 920 Points 62 Comments SHARE the_lawyer_doge What kind of drugs do you175 i rape_sheep it sound like a the binding of32 coffee drinker Damn mine will be bigger On Average a guy releases 400 million 400000000 sperms ejaculation If a man masturbates every day of his 100 year life he would masturbate roughly 311046 times by his death if he starts at 15 years By his death he would have released 400 million x 311046 sperms 1244184 x 1014 sperms The length of the tail of a single sperm is 50 micrometers with a diameter of 1 micrometer that tapers down to 05 micrometer at the end Dimensions of sperm head are 31 x 51 x 1 micrometer Using complex calculations of volume I calculated the volume of a single sperm to be 387 x 104-18 m3 of which 5917 % is the volume of the tail Now the total volume of all the sperms ejaculated in a lifetime is V 1244 x 1014 x 387 x 10A-18 m3 V 4815 x 104-4 m3 Assuming that the final form of the sperms is same as a single sperm the volume of the tail will be 5917 % of the total Hence the volume of the tail of the monster sperm is 285 x 10A-4 m3 Or 285 x 1014 micrometer3 As the sperm has grown proportionally the ratio of the thickness and length of the tail will remain the same Reverse calculating the magnitude of enlargement I found that the sperm becomes 49920 times it's original dimensions to give the monster sperm Thus the length of the monster sperm is L-49920 x 551 micrometers Therefore L 2570585 micrometer Or 27506 metres Or 9 feet in retard units Or 3 yards more retard units Hans get ze spermenwerfer! Sorry for the long calculations Here's a Spermtato So I saw thisI wasted an hour on this shityes I study both math and biology Meme











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