d I were sitting on the porch the other da My buddy Larry and I were sittin ahat we are doing for Thanksgiving this year Larry is time at the Community Thanksgiving Dinner at the Veterans Club so he can see a few people whi mom's house so s I am going to m he can force feed me green casserole applesauce after I ate my weight in turkey and gidead snacker crackers and cheese curds I like thi time of year chat because people can sit around the table and like do you think they eat turkey in the country Turkey? and share what they are thankful for Each year I have a different list of what I'm thankful for and this is my list as of now Glow-in-the-dark stuff 3M tape and the way it smells marshmallows tomato soup Bugs Bunny when he's pantless AND when he's wearing a dress sporks press and seal saran wrap And why does the word saran wrap look weird when I type it? Tuesdays pictures of Great White Sharks wearing top hats If my cat Paw McCartney were to make a list of what he is thankful for I bet it would be can openers paper balls clumpable kitty litter sunny window sills and hopefully me Being thankful for stuff is good but it's important to be thankful for people too I'm also very thankful for my family my buddy Larry my cat Paw and all of my followers and supporters of my silly polls on a pole and posts on a post I wo uld like to know what you are thankful for this year I'll supply a #2 pencil so you can fill in your own items or people that you are thankful for this year Please write them below or share the comments on my Steve of Loveland Facebook page 2 hng Wenscecles 9 С 10 Fan Colorado 13HRTS Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving Love Steve Meme

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