Crayola e With Preferred by Teachers ar E CRAYONS 24 homestuckpatternreference iamthesylveon f-e-f-e-t-a-c-a-k-e-s gryphynshadow silencingthedrums zeaky sliceofbri DID YOU MOTHERFUCKERS REALLY THINK YOU WERE DONE WITH ME? I THINK NOT THAT’S RIGHT IT’S THE SUGAR SCRUB CHICK BACK WITH ANOTHER FUCKING TUTORIAL YOU BITCHES HAVE BEEN ASKING ME FOR AGES TO MAKE ANOTHER ONE OF THESE FUCKING POSTS AND IT’S FUCKING LATE SO HERE YOU GO FUCKERS WE GON LEARN SOME SHIT SO SIT DOWN AND BE QUIET SO WE ALL WANT LIPS RED AS THE BLOOD OF ANGRY MEN RIGHT AND WHO DOESN’T FUCKING LIKE ARTS AND CRAFTS AND I DON’T EVEN NEED TO TALK ABOUT HOW HARD IT IS TO FIND LIPSTICK FOR FUCKING COSPLAY SO BEHOLD THE HUMBLE CRAYON YOU LITTLE SHITS GET A CRAYON AND NOT JUST ANY CRAYON A FUCKING CRAYOLA CRAYON DON’T EVEN TRY WITH THAT ROSEART SHIT BECAUSE I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND RIP OUT YOUR UVULA IF YOU WANNA GET REALLY ARTSY WHIP OUT ONE OF THESE BAD BOYS AND BREAK UP SOME CRAYONS TO GET THE PERFECT SHADE OF BLUE GREEN FOR THAT BADASS COSPLAY YOU’VE GOT PICKED OUT BUT MARK MY WORDS NO MORE THAN ONE FUCKING CRAYON’S WORTH OF BITS BETTER GO INTO THIS FUCKING BOWL SPEAKING OF WHICH YOU NEED SOME OTHER FUCKING SHIT IN THERE SO GO GET SOME OIL THE GOOD STUFF I’M TALKING EVOO BITCHES THE VIRGINAL BLOOD OF THE MOST TENDER OLIVES IN ALL THE LAND SQUEEZE SOME OF THAT HEAVENLY LUBRICANT INTO YOUR BOWL ABOUT 12 A TEASPOON THAT’LL DO PIG THAT’LL DO NOW GO FIND SOME SHEA BUTTER OR COCONUT OIL AND GLOP ABOUT 12 A TEASPOON OF THAT IN YOUR BOWL NOW GO TO YOUR MAGICAL CABINET OF WONDERS AND FIND SOME NICE SMELLING SHIT COULD BE VANILLA EXTRACT COULD BE LAVENDER OIL I DON’T KNOW BRO WHATEVER YOU THINK SMELLS LIKE THE SILKY UNDERBELLY OF A NEWBORN UNICORNimportant note make sure you use a FOOD SAFE oil if it doesn’t say it’s food safefood grade don’t use it! GRASP THE BOTTLE FIRMLY SCREAM LIKE A VICTORIOUS PTERODACTYL AND DROP 1-4 DROPS OF THAT SWEET SMELLING LIQUID IN THERE I HOPE YOU KNOW WHAT THAT IS RIGHT THERE BECAUSE IT IS THE HEATING VESSEL FOR YOUR GLORIOUS LIPSTICK THAT’S RIGHT LIKE A VIKING WARLORD YOU ARE GOING TO USE A DOUBLE BOILER SO GET A SAUCEPAN AND HEAT SOME WATER THEN PLOP THAT SWEET SMELLING BOWL OF OIL AND WAX ON TOP OF THAT STEAMY WATER LIKE THE COLLISION OF YOUR OTP IN A BAD FANFIC OH YEAH STIR THAT SHIT UNTIL EVERYTHING IS MELTY AND SMOOTH YOU DON’T WANT TO RUIN YOUR SPOONS SO I USE A DISPOSABLE CHOPSTICK FUCK YEAH RECYCLING NOW ONCE THAT SHIT IS SOFT LIKE THE SUPPLE SKIN OF YOUR HEAVENLY BOOTY YOU NEED SOMETHING TO POUR IT INTO WELL DAMN GOOD THING YOU PICKED UP SOME CONTACT CASES LAST TIME YOU WERE AT THE STORE OR MAYBE YOU HAVE SOME EMPTY CHAPSTICK TUBES OR JUST SOME SMALL TUPPERWARE I DON’T KNOW BUT GOSH YOU ARE SO RESOURCEFUL AND PRETTY YOU DESERVE NICE LIPSTICK LIKE THIS ALSO TAKE SOME TIME FOR YOU THIS WEEKEND AND NEVER FORGET HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU I’M GLAD WE HAD THAT MOMENT TOGETHER NOW BECAUSE NOTHING IS MORE METAL THAN SAFETY TAKE A THICK HAND TOWEL OR AN OVEN MITT OR SOMETHING AND GRIP THAT BOWL OF COLORFUL GOOP AND POUR GENTLY INTO THAT RECEPTACLE YOU PROCURED YOU WILL PROBABLY SPILL SOME BUT THAT’S OKAY YOU’RE ONLY HUMAN POP THAT SHIT IN THE FRIDGE BECAUSE YOU’RE AN IMPATIENT MOTHERFUCKER AND YOU WANT YOUR LIPSTICK NOW GODDAMMIT AND ONCE IT HARDENS SLATHER THAT CREAMY GOODNESS ON THICK SLIDE ON SOME SUNGLASSES AND HEAD INTO BATTLE TO DESTROY THE PATRIARCHY CLASS DISMISSED MOTHERFUCKERS DO NOT DO THIS DO NOT DO THIS DO NOT DO THIS NO DO NOT FUCKING DO THIS CRYON HAS A LOT OF FUCKING LEAD IN IT four times more than lipstick PLEASE JUST BUY ACTUAL LIPSTICK There’s no lead in crayola crayons Kids eat them The ingredients in Crayola Crayons are paraffin wax and pigment They’re made with the understanding that some kids will eat the damn things so the company that makes Crayons has been very very careful to use non-toxic materials even going so far as to use a special edible glue on the paper labels cornstarch and water fyi You can eat Crayons if you really wanted to but frankly the flavor’s a little bland They taste like wax So yeah adding oils with a lower solidification temperature like Olive Oil or Grapeseed or Avocado and mixing in some Shea or Coconut Butter would make a creamy crayon Which you could use on your skin if you wanted Go wild use that shit on more than just lips Use it like theatrical makeup paint your tits blue if you want Or use it like paint on the walls or paper or canvas It won’t dry the same way acrylic or watercolor paint will and will remain ‘workable’ and pliable until the oil looses enough water to solidify much like oh off the top of my head… oil paint Modern oil paints are very similar to the recipe above though usually done with Linseed oil or other inert non-organic oils Organic oils as they dry can discolor making your carefully chosen color look off Why are some really old painting slightly yellow? Partly the varnish has yellowed partly airborne pollutants have stained the surface and partly the oil in the original paint has shifted color BTW don’t eat Linseed oil you’ll get the runs something fierce and regret it a lot And then you get to go to the doctor and explain why your runny poo is brightly colored But the amount you’d ingest from lipstick made with crayons? Negligible Now I really want to make a set of rainbow lipstick to match my rainbow collection of nail polish which is way more toxic than crayon lipstick too so what you’re saying is i could buy a fuckton of grey crayns and have grey body paint i think i know where that’s going i think we all know where that’s going Meme

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