Copyrighted Material ALLIGATORS How To WRESTLE FREE FROM AN ALLIGATOR If you are on land get on the alligator's back and put downward pressure on its neck This will force its head and jaws down 2 Cover the alligator's eyes This will usually make it more sedate 5 feet 10 fet 15 feet 20 feet 3 Go for the eyes and nose If you are attacked use any weapon you have or your fist 4If its jaws are closed on something you want to remove a limb tap or punch it on the snout Alligators often open their mouth when tapped lightly They may drop whatever it is they have taken hold of and back off The immediate danger zone is within 15 feet of the alligator How To RETRIEVE AN OBJECT NEAR AN ALLIGATOR If the alligator gets you in its jaws you must prevent it from shaking you or from rolling over-these instinctual actions cause severe tissue damage Try to keep the mouth clamped shut so the alligator does not begin shaking Determine the size of the alligator Although even small alligators can cause injury those less than four feet long are not as dangerous to humans If the alligator is larger than six feet be especially wary as a bite 6 Seek medical attention immediately even for a small can inflict major damage Alligators larger than nine feet should be considered deadly cut or bruise to treat infection Alligators have a huge number of pathogens in their mouths 2 Calculate the distance from the alligator to the object The immediate danger zone is within 15 feet of an alligator Try to determine if the alligator sees the object Alligators are attracted to objects that appear to be food 4 Do not stand between the alligator and water If disturbed an alligator on land will seek refuge in water Make sure the alligator is between you and any nearby water 5 Make a loud noise To get an alligator to release sometbing it bas in its mouth tap it on the snout Alligators are sensitive to loud noises Yelling or screar ing may cause the animal to leave If the alligator does not move however you will have gained its attention 6Use a long branch pole or golf ball retriever to recover the object The alligator may lunge and bite at objects that invade its An alligator more than nine feet long is likely to be male and males tend to be more aggressive space Z Quickly move away from the alligator's territory After retrieving the object or if you encounter difficulties run While alligators can move fast-they rely on surprise Bill Finger professional alligator breeder when attacking their usual prey-they generalfrichtedMaterial only short distances and probably cannot outrun an adult human will travel Who Has the Most Bite? ANIMAL NUMBER OF TEETH WARNING! whale Alligators are native only to the United States and China They are commonly found in the southwestern United Sates primarily the Gulf Coast states buft as far north as North Carolina red-bellied piranha 20 in two rows of 10 the sharpest teeth in the world You are most likely to be attocked in or at the edge of water The top speed of large alligators is around 10 miles per hour Be especially wary during spring months when alligators wander in search of mates and during late summer when eggs hatch Mother alligators will respond aggressively to threats to their young and any adult alligator may come to the aid of any youngster lion 30 four canine four carnassial the rest conical human being 32 sloth bear 40 bear 42 including four canines and 12 incisors Do not assume any alligator is safe to approach While some animals may be habituated to the presence of humans alligators are wld animals and therefore unpredictable they may attack without provocation saltwater crocodile 68 to 70 alligator 80 to 88 giant armadillo up to 100 gavial fish-eating crocodile 102 How To BIND AN ALLIGATOR'S JAWws Approach the alligator from behind longspouted spinner up to 252 dolphin 2 Straddle the creature's back Wrap your knees firmly around the midsection of the alligator up to 3000 in five rows the scariest mouth great white shark 3 Crawl your way up to the head 10000 to 30000 toothlike structures called radulae snail Cover the alligator's eyes with a cloth Use a thick piece of fabric or your own clothing to drape over the eyes of the beast GClamp the jaws Press down with your thumbs on the top and hold your fin- gers tightly underneath The muscles that alligators 5 Push the alligator's snout down to close its mouth Lean forward and press firmly down on the snout until the mouth is tightly closed use to open their jaws are actually quite weak so it is possible to hold the mouth shut with bare hands Z Take out your binding material Maintaining your grip on the gator's snout with one hand grab your duct tape and tug free a two-foot strip with your teeth Wrap the tape six times around the snout Wind the tape six times around the alligator's s nout WARNING! Lacking duct tape you should bind the jaws of an aligator with rope belt hick cloth heavy shirt or pants or any other material that can be fied and knotted Never approach an alligatar head-on when its mouth is open Copyrighted Material seat igte 21 novelty-gift-ideas Ultimate Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook Meme











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