Cool Shit That Can Actually Afford PART 3 PART3 0 Remote Controlled Tarantula $1359 You could seriously scare the shit out of people with this one Arachnophobia is one of the most common fears among people l'o recommend using this on someone with headphones in l've gathered from reviews that it makes a decent amount of noise USB Thermoelectric Cooler & Warmer $1499 It's a one can refrigerator Simple yet fucking awesome at the same time It's better than a mini fridge because it makes you drink in moderation right? Giant Plush Microbes S999 -$1999 Valentine's Day is coming up and I know some of you out there are single but don't fret Now you can give yourself chlamydia! You don't need to go dumpster diving at a sorority house to make friends with these cute little guys Retron 3 SNESNESGenesis Game System $5999 Yeah I knowHoly shit peanutbitter this is sixty fucking dollars! I get it but I think that if you have the money this would be a worthwhile investment Those old consoles in our closets have seen better days I think it would be nice to get a modern remake of all three in one It's a hell of a lot cheaper than buying these three consoles back in their day LifeStraw Personal Water Filter $1999 This could definitely be a life saver It filters water as you suck it inI might buy one of these and put it in my glove compartment in my car If you get stuck in the middle of nowhere it'd be nice to be able to drink straight from a fucking river iTouchless Bag Resealer $1698 This is one of those inventions that was just a good fucking idea Now you never have to go looking for that little chip clip thing that doesn't really work too well at keeping stuf fresh 4500 Live Ladybugs $1799 Honestly I'm not really sure why anybody would want 4500 ladybugs but why the fuck not? They're only 18 dollars That's about 04 cents per bug novelty-gift-ideasYou can buy these stuffs here Meme









Valentine's Day


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