COLLEGE JIM JOE Bachelors Degree in Philosophy X 4 year paid apprenticeship 100K student debt Can't find a Philosopher jot Believes people without 0K student debt Earns 80K annually Disconnected Jim's college degrees are stupid electricity for non-payment Another day of black coffee and perspective most won't read this but thanks to those who did it's why I do what I do The meme definitely highlights a topic that seems legit Has the government watered down the entire scope of what higher education actually means? Have they presented college in a manner that is setting people up to fail? Do they encourage people to do whatever makes you happy and screw what your life looks like afterward? Did they say You can be whatever you want to be? Well truth be told THEY LIED TO YOU! It seems that LIE has brought about people who feel they are entitled to EQUAL QUALITY of happiness regardless of how much work they have put in or who actually planned for a better future outcome Higher education isn't about going to college and earning a degree then getting the job you believe you SHOULD be entitled to It's about educating yourself for the future It is about creating a life plan that allows for successes no matter what has been thrown your way If you haven't made a plan that allows for the whatevers then you have set yourself up for failure Shit happens and there are a plethora of WHATEVERS From an unexpected kid or four to divorce and ultimately the support of those whatevers If you haven't built a better plan than the next guy one that allows for improvising adapting and overcoming those hurdles then you have cut yourself short and have nobody else to blame but yourself The pursuit of happiness is exactly that a pursuit It is a life long pursuit that has to have realistic goals applied to it If your plan is so rigid that you have no room for improvisation or adaptability then how will you ever overcome and succeed? This is where real self-reflection has to be applied not everyone is a doctor or a lawyer Life would suck if that were the case anyway I know life throws us curves from environmental issues to emotional ones I have been thrown my share but you still have to learn how to hit those curve balls or you won't be successful Don't let life conquer you the pursuit of happiness is the long journey called life You can't figure it out overnight You can't define it all at once And you can't expect equal outcomes There are other factors at play that must be applied to your game some of those factors are skill and natural ability Remember there is no equality in genetics that's why we have multi-million dollar athletes but you can use experience and common sense to put a successful plan into motion when life isn't going the way you initially planned and that is called IMPROVISE ADAPT AND OVERCOME The point is of this post is PLAY YOUR GAME the way you want to but don't expect to get successes simply because you played the game Every one else is playing too and they are planning to win The question is ARE YOU? Make no mistake there are WINNERS and there are LOSERS in the game of life and the only participation trophy you are going to get is enjoying the learning experience while striving to to find your own definition of happiness You are not entitled to somebody else's only what you plan for yours to be #blackcoffeeperspectives #patrioticselfreflections #definingwellregulation #responsiblepatriotism Patrick James Meme











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