COACHELLA the surviving cast of Golden Girls APRIL 12TH and 19TH The Beach Boys standing on stage Looking Sad Jay-Z's Hologram A Civil War Re-enactment Not John Cage Limp Bizkit- My Dad Playing Various Bass Parts To Deep Purple Songs Santa Clause Karaoke! John Cage Sledding With Tigers Twelve Kittens Walking On A Piano Blue Ivy-A DJ Another DJ-No More DJ's Please kljbsdfzlkinfad The Beastie Boys Only Playing Pollywag Stew- Heart Nancy Wilson Singing Heart Songs- Heart's Break-up Black Flag Really Just Henry Rollins Spoken Word OFWGKTABUTASFOJSFNVHDJTHDNCJDUEJCUIEJCUENCCHENCHHHHHHHH Joe Biden APRIL 13TH and 20TH The Ghost Of Chrismas Past The Indio Community Wind Ensemble Leonard Cohen Performing Every Version of Hallelujah -Satan Jay-Z's Parenting Tips- Woody Allen Live Gladiator Fights Spraynard Tom Brady Slipknot's Percussionists-A Nice Game Of Tag Abraham Lincoln- Joe Arpaio-TBA- A Really Long Open Mic A Screening Of Every Recent Adam Sandler Movie - Hanson Isaac Hanson- Taylor Hanson - Zac Hanson The Brady Kids A Bunch Of Old Punks Complaining That Punk Is Dead- A Bunch Of Kids Killing Punk Music-Rolling Stone The Magazine - Dave Coulier Kim Kardashian Book Signing - Ringo Starr's Pro Bowl Band Oprah The US Olympic Rowing Team American Idol's Clay Aiken APRIL 14TH and 21ST Wilson from Castaway - Live Taping of Maury Gotye Police Cover Set Bruno Mars Police Cover Set- GWAR Police Cover Set The Police GWAR Cover Set Every Ska Band's Horn Section A 30-minute Slide Show Of Cute Dogs In Pirate Outfits - Everyone Who Has Ever Graduated With A Bachelor's Degree in Music Everybody Mows The Grass at Once -Heart Gets Back Together -A Bunch Of Drunk College Kids Playing Wonderwall stephenmilkmus I CANT WAIT FOR COACHELLA Meme

Abraham Lincoln

Adam Sandler

Bruno Mars








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