clockworkrobotic bigancestorenergy ouma-anti whatjordylikes danielle-mertina blackqueerblog Some parents really don’t understand the difference between actual discipline and hurting your kids This teaches a kid nothing except needing to hide what makes them happy because they’re scared their parents will destroy it Wow…what a terrible parent Minecraft is A LOT of work diligence and creativity The parent should have been encouraging that And why does a 9 year old need to wake up every day at 7 am during a pandemic? What’s wrong with this person? I can foresee an estranged relationship in the future Because this parent is out of their minds and more interested in exacting punitive control than being a loving caregiver Y'all wonder why some kids are the way they are? This is it why on earth does a NINE YEAR OLD CHILD has to wake up at fucking 7 am during a pandemic? also children may require up to TWELVE HOURS of sleep he’s not being defiant—without the threat of a ridiculous and unnatural hour he MUST be awake at he’s actually following his natural circadian rhythm which is actually HEALTHIER for him what they’ve done is broken his trust in a MAJOR way he does not feel safe or in control which is why he is refusing meals honestly? if they keep this behavior up—let alone just not apologizing and finding the save file for his game—he’s gonna develop some dangerous coping skills like yknow An eating disorder Dissociation Self harm I’m not being hyperbolic this is literally how it starts This is the second time this week I’ve seen a story like this the first being the boyfriend destroying his girlfriend’s AC island over an argument and it makes me think – how is this ANY different to someone destroying a physical piece of art someone’s made ripping up their sketchbook breaking ceramics cutting up cosplays? If this person had come forward with a question like “my son wouldn’t get out of bed so I broke the birdbox he made” there wouldn’t be ANY question whether this was abusive behaviour There’s an inherent disconnect with how we talk about the “value” of virtual itemscreations in video games something about the way that these things aren’t tangible in the conventional sense makes them somehow less valuable than something everyone can hold and observe and appreciate Think about the amount of “funny gamer rage” videos out there that are people upset over losing WoW saves and the likes game saves are often things people have put hundreds of hours into they have value to that person and are representative of their own dedication Hell I’m really bummed at the moment over not having access to some of my BL2 saves I can’t travel to get my PS4 from uni and I know I’d be upset if I lost them forever Video games are a massive escape mechanism for a lot of people especially right now and putting time and effort into particularly building games is a constructive and creative outlet that gives people a feeling of accomplishment and let’s be real it’s a lot more practical than having a house full of lego Yet there’s still this weird stigma attached to them this “it’s just a game” mentality that leads people to be easily dismissive of others’ feelings over losing progress Destroyed your girlfriend’s AC island which she put hundreds of hours into building? Whatever it’s just a game Deleted your kid’s minecraft file which he spent an entire year working on? Whatever it’s just a game why are you so mad? It’s not a real thing it’s just some numbers hiding behind fancy computer graphics! Actions like this are intentional targeted destruction of another person’s property - property they have created themselves - by an adult who knew what they were doing and we should NOT treat them as anything other than that regardless of medium Meme

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