CITY OF ATLANTA PUBLIC NOTICE URG ATLAY LANTA Please Do Not Dump Trash on White Supremacist Leaders' Properties People have been dumping trash on the properties of well-known white nationalists Sam Dickson and Evan Anderson Dickson has said that this dumping is a financial hardship and it interferes with his plans of gentrifying the Lakewood area and forcing out people of color He and Anderson are very busy organizing with other white supremacists including attending white pride rallies and providing violent white supremacists with material support It has been too costly for them to hire security at each of these properties and it is not possible for police to watch them at all times So we are relying on your honor and goodwill to refrain from dumping garbage or doing other property damage to these locations such as breaking windows and spray painting Nazis get out If the dumping continues Dickson and Anderson may even be forced to sell the properties at a loss Here is a list of Sam Dickson's and Evan Anderson's properties to please not dump any trash on Hickory Hill 1185 run by Sam Dickson Six lots on Rhodesia Ave A and B on map 14 005700210453 14 005700220320 14 005700230360 14 005700230352 14 005700230345 Turman Ave 14 0057 LL0053 Rhodesia Ave SE Sun Rising run by Evan Anderson 1701 Jonesboro Rd 54 building D on map Adair Ave SE Three lots on Lakewood Ave C on map 14 005700250327 14 005700250335 14 005700250343 Claire Dr SE ire Dr SE The Beltem Trust managed by Sam Dickson 139 Rhodesia Ave Part of B on map 1445 Parsons St SE Part of B on map · antisolanum antifainternational C’mon now Atlanta they’re asking ever-so nicely! I’m glad they gave specific addresses so the good people of atlanta know where not to dump their used diapers en masse Meme











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