CIT Man 73 awaits sentencing for killing sleeping son Timbits and a small double-dou- while acknowledging the Ottawa eral time for holding up a gas sta shown to the jury included a co GARY DIMMOCK tion with his son in 1993 jail is not the best place for the ble He skipped lunch and stayed fession given to Det Kevin Jacobs In the successful prosecution- ina videotaped interview John Merae spent his last weekend close to the court as he awaited killer as a free man with his grandchil his fate When he arrived at the dren at a barbecue in the backyard Innes Road jail they offered him Carleton Detention Centre until Marie Dufort and John Ramsay defence Addelman pleaded for Mcrae will stay at the Ottawa- led by Assistant Crown Attones It was an uphill climb for the rebeated frozen salmon and rice He said he hated everything he is sent to a federal prison The judge now has only to decide how Merae was cast as a man bent on revenge because he could no the jurors to acquit Maae on the grounds of self-defenc or at le of his Orléans home He wanted to spend as much time with them because a jury was about the place I wouldn't give many years Mcrae has to serve be longer beat his son in a fight and fnd him guilty of the lesser charge days away from deliberating the that place to anyone he told this fore he can apply for parole The was angry over his son's unpaid of manslaughter killer's fate John Mcrae 73 slit his son's throat as he slept off a day of drink- delman asked the judge to keep ing on the living room couch on himonbailgiven his ailing health he much prefers federal prison wa police detectives Guy Seguin Ramsay July 7 2015 He was fed up with but the judge rejected the request over the Ottawa jail He did fed- and Richard Dugal and evidence pckostmdiecom his angry always-drunk son and figured he'd be better off dead He even told the neighbour his son deserved it He didn't run from police but rather waited for them and later jury recommended 10 years before parole eligibility Mcrae told this newspaper that rent they shared an apartment in Orléans The investigation led by Otta ness under cross-examination by In the end the jury convicted Mcrae who was a combative wit newspaper His defence lawyer Joseph Ad Just in Time for Father's Day EPICURE Save 25% OFF ALL WUSTHOF this weekend only! Hol up Meme


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