Chris Kohler @kobunheat 18m We have ET WE HAVE ET pictwittercomfIPTXgsyoo Expand 4 Reply Retweet ★ Favorite More Chris Kohler @kobunheat-4m Close up pictwittercominSKukib24 ATARI 75 Expand Reply Retweet FavoriteMoe lightspeedsound videogamesarepurehappiness maqdaddio ask-gallows-callibrator vergess coelasquid derples raisehelia cavebae estpolis mrdappersden They did it they fucking did it holyfducjk HISTORY holy shit! can someone explain this to me Thirty years ago a legendary ET game came to fruition so awful that as the tale told all unsold copies of it were buried in a pit in New Mexico A documentary film crew has just unearthed the stash proving the legend true I don’t think people fully grasp just how awful it was This one game by the sheer merit of its unmatched shittiness destroyed the video game and console market so thoroughly that the at home video game nearly went the way of the 8-track player It was literally so awful that it nearly changed the entire course of technology how can a video game possibly be that bad People don’t really understand why it was terrible though and the reasons why are extremely important and relevant especially today The game itself is bad yes It was built up to be an exciting hit for kids to play at Christmas in 1982 So much in fact that retailers bought WAY more stock then could every be sold based on the hype However people at the time liked the game It looks bad now but the game itself was pretty on par with the times It wound up selling 15 million copies Which would be great except Atari was expecting to sell 4-5 million While initial reception was positive critics started panning the game as critics do While it was no worse than most other games at the time it was stil frustrating and hard to play It could not live up to the hype that had been built and negative press built up quickly But what was ALSO happening was a flood of cheap imitations on the market ET is a licensed game and like all licenses comes at a higher markup So if you wanted to buy a game for yourself or your kid would you buy 1 game or 2 for the same price? Atari was also screwing around with how they handled their distributors Just before the game went to public but AFTER the game had been bought and shipped Atari announced that they were cancelling every existing contract with distributors and signing with only a select few So distributors now pissed off and with an abundance of games that were NOT selling and with prices slashed horribly to sell games that people were quickly losing interest in retailers put their claims to return a collective 25-35 million copies back to Atari Atari unable to recycle the cartridges or resell them in any way wound up burying them in the Nevada desert This caused the Video Game Crash of the early 80s that put a dark mark on video games until Nintendo and in some small part other game companies to revive later It was the perfect storm An over-hyped overpriced game sold to an increasingly frustrated and over-saturated market with retailers scrambling to make a dime while Game Devs blame the market for poor sales Some say the proverbial planets are aligning again with way too many consoles putting way too samey games on the market at way too high a cost with a strong dependence on Pre-orders and pre-order exclusives Wanna give the game a shot? Internet Archives actually has a copy of it at this link httpsarchiveorgdetailsET_The_Extra-Terrestrial_1982_Atari_NTSC this is like the dutch tulip bubble of our times Meme







The Game




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