cheeseanonioncrisps roseverdict roseverdict jus-tea Daddy’s at the food store Mummy’s out of town She’s working at the hospital since Rhona came to town Hide away hide away Miss Rhona’s come to town Hide away hide away she’s come to take us down Miss Rhona’s at the doorstep I’ll keep 6 feet away But Grandma needs the paper I’ll take her some today Hide away hide away Miss Rhona’s come to stay Hide away hide away we can’t come out to play But Grandma needs the paper I’ll take her some today And here’s a note from Rhona she wanted me to say Hide away hide away keep 6 feet away Hide away hide away she took us down today Image ID Tumblr user @neanderthyall says in the notes “I thought that 6 feet was kind of a double meaning Like six feet away to stop the spread but when people die they’re six feet underground and its six feet of the dirt that keeps you apart Like ‘Hide away hide away even though it hurts Hide away hide away or the six feet will be dirt’” End ID HI DON’T LEAVE THIS IN THE NOTES THAT’S ACTUALLY BRILLIANT It’s not a proper creepy nursery rhyme until it’s got an eery childrens’ game attached to it though think ring-a-round-the-roses or oranges and lemons One child shall be designated ‘Miss Mr Mx Rhona’ and will have to cover their eyes hide away They then have to try to catch the other kids— think Blind Man’s Bluff The children running away chant the rhyme to make it easier for ‘Rhona’ to find them Any child tagged becomes another ‘Rhona’ and must also cover their eyes and join in the chase The winner is the last child left uninfected Meanwhile all adults in the area must watch with a vague sense of unease and whisper to each other “do you know what that’s inspired by?” Meme











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