CHEESE ELEMENTAL Large elemental neutral Armor Class 14 Hit Points 114 12d10+ 48 Speed 30 ft climb 30 ft STR DEX CON CHA INT WIS 18 -4 14 -2 18 +4 5 -3 10 +० 8 1 Damage Resistances fire bludgeoning piercing and slashing from nonmagical attacks Damage Immunities poison Condition Immunities exhaustion grappled paralyzed petrified poisoned prone restrained unconscious Senses darkvision 60 ft passive Perception 10 Languages Primordial Chalenge 5 1800 XP Cheese Form The elemental can move through a space as narrow as 1 inch without squeezing Creatures that touch the elemental or hit it with a melee attack within 5 feet of it take 4 1d8 fire damage In addition the elemental can enter a hostile creature's space and stop there The first time it enters a creature's space on a turn that creature takes 4 ld8 fire damage CHEESE ELEMENTAL Cold Susceptibility If the elemental is subjected to cold damage its movement speed is halved until the end of its next turn Deep in the primal plane of elemental savory flavor the cheese elemental bubbles and shambles Living Cheese A cheese elemental is made of one or J more different cheeses constantly in a molten state Because of this its form is kept scaldingly hot It often grows a golden- brown skin if it sits in one place for too long so it opts to drag its form along the ground tirelessly seeking out tasty foods so spread itself over Weak to Cold The cheese elemental's molten nature makes it susceptible to a decrease in temperature lce magic will cool down its cheesy form slowing it down Conjured by Magic Such an elemental is summoned by conjuration magic to calling it from its native plane A synthetic elemental can be created by transmutation magic infusing a large quantity of cheese powered by a cheese- loving soul trapped within it Actions Multattack The elemental makes two touch attacks Touch Melee Weapon Attack +7 to hit reach 5ft one target Hit 13 2d8+ 4 fire damage The creature becomes grappled by the elemental The creature is subjected to the elemental's Cheese Form trait The elemental makes melee attacks against a creature it's grappling with advantage Cone of Cheese Recharge 5-61 The elemental spews forth a 3o-foot cone of molten cheese from its form Each creature in the area must make a DC 14 Dexterity saving throw or become restrained Creatures restrained in this way take 9 2d8 fire damage at the start of each of their turns A creature can use its action to make a DC 14 Strength check freeing itself on a success FONDUE POT OF CHEESE ELEMENTALS Wondrous item uncommon After melting 1 pound of cheese in this slightly oversized fondue pot you can use an action to speak the pot's command word and summon a cheese elemental as if you had cast the conjure elemental spell The fondue pot can't be used this way again until the next dawn The pot weighs 5 pounds CREDITS Images and homebrew content by Noblecrumpet This PDF was made possible with the help of Homebrewery at homebrewerynaturalcritcom Parts of this document are derived from the OGL httmdizadscom2016downloadsDND SRD OCLVS1edf Kill it with crackers and wine Meme











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