Charles Walz 5 hrs To all my friends that live in red voting states You have 2 months to move After that if you don't do not consider us friends I want you dead I want your families dead I want your wives husbands children and grandchildren dead Not just dead but horrible painful deaths Torturous cancers - bone brain Burning alive in a fire Drownings Wives and daughters or should I say your cunts as you republicans like to call them should be brutally raped first All before you have your own agonizing death If you live in a blue state but i know you supported lucifer I want the same for you but you don't get the grace period To the rest of the people in red states I hope the land runs red with your families blood I will cheer at every natural disaster that takes you out The higher the death toll the better Every infant or toddler found floating face down after a flood is a victory for me Every twisted body found in the rubble of your home after a tornado is like a cherry on an ice cream sundae Every school shooting will be joyous news for me I will no longer support or buy American - Canadian Mexican European and China made products are better anyway I will not support our troops Every dead service man is a victory for me You spoke America Now choke on your own putrid vomit Just don't speak to me unless it's through my joy from your bloodshed This may have already been posted but Meme











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