CHARACTER INFO War can show a man what he is truly capable of When given the excuse that some higher authority has excused your sins to pursue those that have done wrong toward your country faith or family it doesn't take much to bring forth what society usually keeps shackled inside We have found time and time again that some men and women will use any excuse given to them to indulge their darker urges while others valiantly keep them restrained rising above and beyond to try and keep their humanity THE ZEALOT KEEN AWARENESS UNHOLY POSSESSION TEACHABLE PERK POWER DIFFICULTY INTERMEDIATE Your time in battle has given you a sense of your surroundings When any killer items are being interacted with in a 253035 meter radius of you you will get a visual notification of it Keen Awarness has a cooldown of 5 seconds The Zealot can possess 1 of 5 suits of armor that are spawned in randomly to the map The Zealot starts already possessing one and can see the auras of all other suits in red with his power starting in cooldown By pressing the Secondary Action button while looking at Godwin Ealdred was not one of those people When the call to arms came from the Church to invade the Holy City he heeded it's call with an enthusiasm that bordered on giddiness He'd long heard of the heathens to the East and how they eroded the sanctity of the church twisting the visage of his God in blatant heresy Trained quickly as a common Infantryman he was shipped over to the Holy Lands on a mission of Conquest If they would not turn their knee to the true God then he would send them to theirs There is nothing that can be hidden from the devout Godwin Ealdred one of the suits The Zealot can possess that armor and use it as his new body The possession of the new armor takes 3 seconds in which time the armor will go through an activation animation where the suit stands up straight and it's eye light up with blue fire There is a cooldown of 20 seconds after a possession before The Zealot can possess another armor DEUS VULT Ruthless to the point of sadism Godwin changed on the battlefield from a pious guardian of his hamlet to a ruthless killer slaying dozens in every engagement even if it meant losing some of his own in the charge His eyes were on salvation as he'd been promised that his soul would carry on toward heaven if he was killed in his quest of cleansing He quickly became a terror on the battlefield for both sides as his mace would crush anyone who stood in his way His armor was constantly stained with blood and there was no mercy to be found behind his visor for man woman or child TEACHABLE PERK Deus Vult starts with no tokens Each time you wound a survivor Deus Vult gains 1 token When you get 6 your Terror Radius instantly doubles and you produce a loud battle cry All survivors in your Terror Radius scream revealing their location for 3 sec Your Terror Radius will return to normal after 102030 sec An inert suit is slumped forward and does not show blue fire but it is considereda solid object so survivors cannot pass through it or knock pallets over on it Survivors can perform a Break Armor action on inert armor for 15 seconds and it will knock the armor over It no longer counts as an obstacle it renders the armor unpossessable for 30 seconds and it gives off a loud noise alert to the Zealot when it occurs Your death will be my glory!- Godwin Ealdred When the peace treaty was signed to bring an end to the war Godwin turned mad with rage How darethe leaders change their God given goals? They were to wipe the heretics from the face of his earth not negotiate with them! The knights did not expect an enraged armored soldier to charge into the leadership tent let alone one that bore their own sigil He had killed 10 men before the wounds from swords pikes and hammer finally brought him down He continued to curse them for their betrayal of God and that he was being brought to a higher purpose to cleanse in his name The final hammer was brought down onto his head but it only crumpled an empty steel shell CRUSADER When the Zealot possesses an armor it reverts any Break Armor action progress on it to zero If the suit is possessed while a survivor is using Break Armor on it the survivor will be forced out of the animation the progress reverted to zero and the animation for possession will begin TEACHABLE PERK Whenever a generator is completed Crusader gains 1 token to a max of 345 For each token on Crusader Bloodlust tiers will activate 2 seconds faster in a chase Running only delays your death You cannot outrun the inevitable - Godwin Ealdred The Entity needed to hear no more as it welcomed Godwin toward his purpose Add-ons Movement 115 Terror Radius 32m Common Uncommon Rare Weapon Morningstar Ruler's Lineage Foul Grease Stirrup Guides ADD-ON ADD-ON ADD-ON After possessing an armor survivors hit within 10 seconds suffer the Hindered Slightly increase lunge distance for 3 seconds after possessing 25m Moderately increases lunge distance for 3 seconds after possessing 5m effect for 30 seconds Moldy Cross ADD-ON Butcher's Lineage Knight's Lineage ADD-ON ADD-ON After possessing an armor survivors hit within 10 seconds suffer the Mangled effect for 30 seconds Slightly decreases Unholy Possession cooldown 2 seconds less After possesing an armor survivors hit within 10 seconds suffer the Haemorrhage effect for 30 seconds Waxed Leather Hunter's Lineage Metal Polish ADD-ON ADD-ON ADD-ON Considerably increases lunge distance for 3 seconds after possessing 75m Slightly increases Break Armor action time 3 seconds longer After possessing an armor survivors hit within 10 seconds suffer the Exhausted effect for 30 seconds Rusted Cross Dishonored Crest ADD-ON ADD-ON After possessing your Terror Radius and red stain are suppressed for 3 seconds Moderately decreases Unholy Possession cooldown 3 seconds less Very Rare Agonizing Mark Desecrated Tome ADD-ON ADD-ON Tarnished Cross Intricate Buckles ADD-ON ADD-ON Tremendously decreases Unholy Possession cooldown 5 seconds Survivors who successfuly use the Break Armor action are injured and revealed for 5 seconds Considerably decreases Unholy Possession cooldown 4 seconds less Moderately increases time to complete Break Armor actions 5 seconds extra Destroyed Rosary Mark of the Eye Alloyed Armor ADD-ON ADD-ON Ultra Rare ADD-ON When using Unholy Possession once every 60 seconds all armor will glow and appear to become active for 5 seconds before returning to their inactive state Your stain is hidden for this time When any armor is having the Break Armor action performed on it the suit's aura will change to yellow for the time it is being acted upon Moderately increase movement speed 75m - Slightly increase lunge distance 25m Slightly increase possesion time 1 sec - Slightly increase Unholy Possesion cooldown 2 seconds Tattered Banner Ultimate Sacrifice ADD-ON ADD-ON Spawn with 2 fewer armors Tremendously reduce possesion time 2 seconds less If any survivors are 8m away from an armor when it is possessed they are put Exposed for 10 seconds This has a 60 second cooldown after activation Only activates when a survivor would be effected Spawn with 1 fewer armor Survivors are given the Broken effect each time they are rescued from the hook This state lasts until a Generator is completed or the Collapse occurs Killer Concept The Zealot 20 updated and now with Add-ons! 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